So That's Why Gov. Bev Perdue Wanted to Cancel the Elections...

The North Carolina Democrat is ducking next year’s election herself.

North Carolina’s Governor Bev Perdue is reportedly set to announce that she will not seek re-election for governor this year, several sources are reporting.

The Post quotes two sources familiar with the plan for the Democratic Governor.

Perdue, who is the host governor for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, was set for a rematch of her 2008 race with Republican and former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, who announced on Wednesday that he will announce his gubernatorial run next Tuesday morning in Greensboro.


A few months ago, Perdue floated the idea of canceling next year’s congressional elections so Congress, removed of accountability to the voters, could solve the recession or something. Last time Congress considered itself unaccountable, it passed ObamaCare. Later, Perdue said she was joking about the election canceling, but audio of her speech proved that she wasn’t. Or, maybe she just has the driest sense of humor since Steven Wright.

Perdue is the second North Carolina Democrat to retire from politics today. Rep. Brad Miller is also out.

President Obama carried North Carolina in 2008. These Democrat retirements suggest he won’t carry it in 2012.


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