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With Occupy Wall Street and Obama's Failures, Has a Fascist Moment Arrived?

I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no. It’s hard not to notice some patterns, though.

The administration has tried and failed at what might be called crony socialism, via Solyndra and so forth, while at the same time unleashing the EPA to weaken the traditional energy sector. This isn’t so much the government picking winners and losers, as it’s the government rigging the entire game.

That policy is among those that have Obama in re-election trouble, as unemployment has risen and unrest along with it. In the polls he’s weak to the point that he’s almost an odds-on loser. And suddenly we have the Occupy movement, led by Van Jones (Truther, Communist, former Obama green czar) and the anti-Semitic, socialist Adbusters. They all haven’t chosen ” we are the 99%” accidentally — 1% is roughly the portion of Jews in the United States. Likewise, the targeting of bankers isn’t accidental, that occupation being traditionally associated with Jews  — especially for the purpose of smearing them.

The occupiers are not committed to non-violence. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. They are not law-abiding people simply airing a legitimate redress of grievances. They have attacked police and property, and their grievances are so vague that the campers more resemble a mob awaiting a leader than a real movement with serious objectives. Most of them don’t even seem to realize that their own choices have gotten them into the messes that they find themselves in. While they wait for a leader or whatever it is they’re waiting for, they chant, which enforces and then reinforces strong groupthink.

And we know that the Working Families Party, an offshoot of ACORN, to which Barack Obama was once directly connected and to which he remains deeply committed ideologically, is paying some of the protesters in New York. Democrats from east to west have embraced this movement. The unions are backing it too.

And now we have figures as disparate as Chris Matthews and Jesse Jackson Jr. calling upon President Obama to, essentially, overthrow the Constitution and rule by fiat. In that desire, they’re echoing and going a step farther than NYT columnist Tom Friedman’s fond wish for the United States to become dictatorial like China — just for a day — to get big, radical things that he favors done.

With all of this ideological and political support, and with the mainstream press doing its best to hide the darker aspects of OWS, it’s a mistake to assume that the occupy movement will go nowhere. It will certainly go nowhere good.

Update: And now Al Gore backs them too.

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