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Rewind: Awlaki lectures on Islam inside the Pentagon after 9/11 attacks

Adding to my previous posts on how Awlaki was hailed by establishment media outlets, such as the New York Times and NPR, and how Awlaki had led prayers inside the U.S. Capitol for congressional Muslim staffers after 9/11, I also have to note the reporting by Fox News on Awlaki’s lecture on Islam he gave inside the Pentagon executive dining room two months after three of his disciples from the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA (which I profiled here exclusively at PJ Media back in March as “D.C.’s Own Terror Factory“) were part of the team that hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 that was flown into the Pentagon.

Awlaki’s appearance at the Pentagon came after he had been repeatedly interviewed by the FBI for his contacts with the three 9/11 hijackers. In fact, a congressional joint inquiry found that Awlaki had been investigated for his terror association going back to 1999.

And yet when Fox News uncovered Pentagon emails about the Al-Qaeda cleric’s lunch lecture sponsored by the Defense Department’s Office of General Counsel (who undoubtedly were involved in the authorization for his killing by US drones today), the DOD attorney who “vetted” him said that she “had the privilege of hearing one of Mr. Awlaki’s presentations in November and was impressed by both the extent of his knowledge and by how he communicated that information and handled a hostile element in the audience.”

It’s doubtful that that same DOD attorney who “vetted” Awlaki for his Pentagon lunch will be available for comment.

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