Beyond Parody: Obama Touts Jobs Plan at Company That's Shipping Jobs to Costa Rica

You can’t make this stuff up.

President Barack Obama will present his “jobs plan” on Wednesday at a company which is shipping jobs overseas.

Obama is scheduled to present his “jobs plan” in Apex, N.C., on Wednesday at the headquarters of WestStar Precision.

WestStar is a high-end, specialty manufacturer that just opened a new facility in San Jose, Costa Rica — creating many new jobs there, but not in the United States.

“Our main office and manufacturing facility near Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh/Durham area has approximately 11,000 sq. ft. of office space, production area and warehouse,” the company says on its website. “This facility has more than doubled in size from inception. Equipment includes precision CNC Machining centers, water jet cutter and CAD-CAM design stations.”

On the same page, WestStar Precision describes its new location, which is almost as big, in Costa Rica: “Our new office and manufacturing facility in San Jose, Costa Rica, also has approximately 10,000 sq. ft. with similar equipment as the main office. This facility is designed for high volume production to support our international and domestic clients.”


It’s not like this is the first time Obama has done something along these lines. There was the Canadian bus flap during his most recent Save Obama’s Job road trip. While the gulf oil drilling permitorium remains in place, Obama sent $2 billion American dollars to Brazil to help them drill offshore. At the time that occurred, he got slapped with the motto, “Drill There, Not Here.” After this Costa Rica adventure, it’s time to slap him with “Work There, Not Here.”

The Obama White House: Where every hour is amateur hour.

Update: By the way, the owner of this particular company, which is shipping jobs out of the country, is a Democrat. What are the odds, huh?

Obama will speak at N.C. State at 12:55 p.m. Watch his speech LIVE on and WRAL-TV.

Before that, he will visit WestStar Precision, a small business in Apex which is owned by Erv Portman, a Democratic Wake County Commissioner and former Cary town councilman.

The White House press office says WestStar is an example of a company that will benefit from Obama’s $450 billion jobs bill, which includes payroll tax cuts and breaks for companies that raise wages or hire veterans and unemployed workers.

Portman donated $1,000 to Obama’s inauguration fund.



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