Mexico attacks US gun makers to avoid looking at their own culpability in drug war

The AP reports that Mexico “has hired a U.S. law firm to investigate possible civil lawsuits against U.S. gun manufacturers or dealers, for what Mexican officials consider the companies’ responsibility for guns that are smuggled to Mexico’s drug war.”


This is curious, since perhaps 10% of all cartel guns come from America, and most military weaponry comes from Central America.

McClatchy now reports:

“Crime groups in cahoots with venal army officers are looting military arsenals in Central America, giving them powerful weapons that allow them to outgun police and challenge the region’s regular armies.”

Also, remember that the ATF has assisted in smuggling thousands of guns, bought in American gun stores, across the Mexican border.

It also appears that their military is culpable in Mexico’s climbing homicide rate.

Perhaps Mexican President Calderon has been sampling the cartels’ products?


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