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Obamas' Tax Deductions Deprive Kids of Milk Powder

Aping lefty propagandists, bgates shows how the Obamas’ tax deductions cause suffering to the neediest children in America:

The Obamas took itemized deductions totaling $373,289. If they had foregone those deductions, they would have been liable for an additional $130,651.15 in federal tax.

The average annual benefit for participants in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is $497.40.

From this we can conclude that roughly 286 women, infants, and children starved to death while Barack Obama attended elaborate parties in his own honor in the giant mansion that he lives in but doesn’t pay for, because he made the conscious decision to exploit loopholes in the tax code to add even more to his millions rather than make a small portion of his enormous wealth available to poor people who want not $100/lb Waygu beef or dinner with Beyonce but simple powdered milk.