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New Mexico now makes public schools serve the same hot lunches to all kids, whether or not parents can pay.
$7 billion alone will be invested along new streetcar route, with two-thirds of that money already spent.
Cannabis industry unsure if anti-weed Sessions will levy federal enforcement on states that legalized marijuana.
State's attorney general has been bulking up his budget to fight executive orders.
CAIR wants Trump administration to "seriously address the growing anti-minority sentiment in our nation."
Editors balked when the story was picked up by conservative media.
Teachers also directly lobbied on whether global warming should be treated as settled science.
Pro-choice advocates say some teens, especially victims of abuse, need physician waivers.
Eastman censured by colleagues for comments.
Cities want to give cops option of "not treating someone with a little pot like a hardened criminal."
Even in the Dem-dominated legislature, this has not been a hugely popular bill.
San Antonio police chief says enforcement would come down to “your look, your accent and your command of the language.”