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social security

Schumer vows Trump's Health and Human Services nominee will "get some heck of a hearing" in Senate.
Dent stresses Congress must "pay for a substantial part" of Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure proposal.
Mulvaney tells Senate committees he paid nanny tax as soon as he realized payroll mistake.
Senator: If Trump "goes back" on Social Security campaign support, "he is lying to the American people."
"The President understands that we have commitments that we have made on the entitlement side."
After 143 million Americans had their Social Security numbers hacked...
"We can talk among ourselves in 140 characters."
"We as Republicans could be seen as the saviors of Social Security; it is not that hard," senator says of "not sustainable" program.
"Go give some kind of voodoo injection to the AARP, because they don't give a damn for people under 50," says former senator and Bush eulogist.
"No new taxes, no entitlements, no new mandates."