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sean spicer

"There are points at which we have a right to make sure that we correct the record. You're talking about integrity..."
"We are going to end this right now."
Department dissent system protects officers who sound off from retribution.
"He is a nonstop kinda guy."
Press secretary said president's attendance at correspondents' dinner is up in the air.
Spicer himself called the skit "cute."
"So many tweets, so little truth."
"You understand this is a TV court, right?" ..."That's ok, I'm a TV president."
"Just because they're loud doesn't necessarily mean there are many."
But now that's what he's doing...
"The President understands that we have commitments that we have made on the entitlement side."
"We want to recognize the contributions that women make to our businesses, to our families, to our economy, to our society."