The Morning Briefing: Spicey's Dancing With the Stars on Liberal Feelings

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Misery Loves Democrats

In case you missed it: former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is going to be on the next season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how seriously one takes goofy network television fare.


Democrats all across the land are having yet another foot-stomping, snot-bubbling, toddler-esque meltdown, this time because a Republican guy they don’t like is going to be on a television show they’ve never watched.

Predictably, there was the oh-so-stern threat of a boycott, this one from an Obama flack:

(Narrator: Nobody at ABC has any idea who Scott Dworkin is.)

Because ridiculous is what The New York Times does, its television critic decided to devote a thousand or so words to lobby for the American public to make Spicer face ongoing punishment for having the audacity to work for a president not approved by the MSM. This entire piece is predicated upon the premise that Sean Spicer was an integral player in an irreparable harm done to our great nation and should not be allowed to experience joy in any way.

James Poniewozik is the emotionally constipated nit who wrote the article, in which he came perilously close to a moment of self-awareness:

I know it’s not as if ABC just hired Sean Spicer to anchor the evening news. I know I might sound like a humorless scold for attacking the stunt-casting of a silly reality show.

He then goes on to excuse himself by essentially equating everything Spicer did in service of the president with war crimes.


Not to be outdone in the wearisome joy-suck department, Chucky “Daddy Issues” Todd and his “Meet the Press Daily” panel had a discussion that was so overwrought James Poniewozik could have lightened it up.

A little perspective on the people who don’t bother Jimmy, Chucky, and the rest of the angry villagers is important here. This DWTS cast also features a former NBA player who coked himself into a coma while in a whorehouse, and a former NFL player who took a very suspicious plea deal in a murder case after two men were stabbed to death during a fight in which he was involved.

The mental contortions required to make Sean Spicer the devil in this group require quite the vacation from reality.

The cast also includes Supremes legend Mary Wilson, with whom I once had the pleasure of co-hosting a charity event. That has nothing to do with this. Just wanted to name drop.

One of Spicer’s castmates did come to his defense:

I have been trying out the tagline: “Remember: Lefties hate it when you’re happy!” Yeah, I can probably word it better but the sentiment is important.

They are truly miserable people whose only real goal is to become so powerful that they can make everyone miserable.

I’m just not in the mood for that.


Useful Idiot Alert

This headline tho:

That is The New York Times talking about Joe Walsh who, unable to distinguish himself in a sustainable way as a conservative, has become the latest Trump Derangement Syndrome patient to head for the (for now) easy money as a leftmedia lap dog.

Like Anthony Scaramucci, Walsh used to be treated as if he were a drooling moron by the Democrats and their media mouthpieces. Both are now heeling for their masters for what will surely be a brief turn as the popular girls at the dance. The headline alone shows that Walsh himself has no long-term value to the media, they simply want to use a label they once used to deride him to make it seem as if President Trump is losing support on the Right.

From people who are no longer on the Right.

ABC Will Make You Miss Don Lemon

ABC’s moderators for the next Democratic primary debates are going to have you pining for CNN’s Tapper/Lemon hackfest.

“World News Tonight” anchor David Muir — who may or may not be an AI/CGI mashup — will be there for moments when people need a nap. An ABC News correspondent named Linsey Davis will be providing this year’s fresh face.

The cringeworthy half of ABC’s quartet is made up of Univision open borders lunatic Jorge Ramos and the execrable George Stephanopoulos, whose claim to fame as a debate moderator was getting an entire audience to boo him when he asked Mitt Romney if he would ban birth control if elected president. Romney had never said he would, but the media decided to manufacture the talking point. Romney handled it well, but it was sadly the last time he would stand up to the MSM in the 2012 cycle.


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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana


We’ve all met guys dumb enough to do this: Men ‘hit on’ naked woman depicted in a 19th-century painting after it’s shared on Facebook

The Drunk Florida Man stealing a Walmart courtesy electric scooter we’ve been waiting for

My editor found this for me:

AS PROMISED…actually, this is part 1 of 2 of Rickles’ response, so there will be more tomorrow. This is GLORIOUS though.

Be happy…it irritates all the right people.

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