CNN Hires Courtroom Sketch Artist to Draw Off-Camera Press Briefing...

Claiming that they’re not making light of the White House press briefings, CNN hired a courtroom sketch artist to draw Sean Spicer’s off-camera press gaggle today. CNN’s media expert, Brian Stelter, said, “This is an example of the White House rolling back press access. We’ve seen what is normally on-camera daily briefings become a relatively infrequent exercise. You mentioned, only twice in the past two weeks the briefings have been held on camera. Most of the time they have been off-camera, audio only and no live audio. It’s weird in this age of Facebook Live, that you and I could get our phone out and live stream right now, that the White House is being so restrictive; and we’ve seen a number of attempts to change this. There was a meeting yesterday with the head of the White House Correspondents’ Association with Sean Spicer, expressing concerns about these restrictions. But I think today CNN is trying something new inside the briefing, in order to have people have a sense of what it looks like.” But don’t you know what the press briefing room looks like? Don’t you know what Sean Spicer looks like? Was this a way to push back against unfair White House restrictions, or was this entirely unnecessary?


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