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mitch mcconnell

That's some fine political strategy right there.
McConnell said it was "a little early to talk about" Lee's bill as the upper chamber prepares to first tackle the resolution of disapproval.
Pelosi, McConnell ask Stoltenberg to speak "as we work together to strengthen our critical alliance and advance a future of peace around the world."
The move comes after McConnell vowed to get Dems on the record soon on the Green New Deal.
McConnell acknowledged dissent among Dems over Ocasio-Cortez plan but "it looks like, one way or another, the Democratic Party as a whole is eager to get behind this thing."
Faced with more disgruntled GOPs, Vice President Mike Pence and a Justice Department lawyer came to the Senate Republicans' policy luncheon.
Activists are unhappy the Senate will actually vote on the GND.
Trump on using military construction funds: "This is far more important than what they were going to use it for... didn't sound too important to me."
"We don't know what route the president is going to take so I'm not going to speculate on it at this point," Senate leader says, declining to voice support.
"Knowing this president, he will then make bold new promises and not even make an attempt to fulfill them," Schumer predicts for address.
"I'd be open to anything that we could agree on on a bipartisan basis that would make them pretty hard to occur again," says GOP leader.
Breaking ranks, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) says the Senate should get the government back open regardless of Trump's $5 billion border wall request.