McConnell: Trump Made Voters Think Republicans Are 'Sort of Nasty'

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Stephen Kruiser, who has an admirable gift for understatement, pointed out Thursday, “the brief period of time when Donald Trump gave Mitch McConnell a little bit of spine has come to an end.” Mitch the Invertebrate is making Stephen Hawking look like Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Mitch the Squish is back and doing what he does best: working hard to make D.C. Democrats happy, all the while giving the finger to Republican voters.” As he does this, he keeps finding new and inventive ways to blame Trump for all his obvious failures.


Newsweek reported Friday that Mitch blamed not only Trump but also “a segment of his base” for the Republicans’ decidedly underwhelming showing in the midterms. That would be the portion of Republican voters who reject the swamp creatures, actually love the country, and think that public officials should put the nation’s interests first. Now McConnell is vowing that the dastardly America-Firsters won’t throw a wrench into the works again: He said that when 2024 comes around, he would throw his support behind “quality candidates,” and that doesn’t mean supporters of the former president, whose “political clout has diminished.” If Mitch remains true to form, and of course he will, that will involve backing more RINO candidates such as Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. Heck, maybe Liz Cheney will want to run for a Senate seat.

Mitch claimed that the America-First faction made voters dislike Republicans: “We lost support that we needed among independents and moderate Republicans, primarily related to the view they had of us as a party—largely made by the former president—that we were sort of nasty and tended toward chaos.” The “chaos” gibe hinted at the Democrats’ Jan. 6 mythology, which McConnell should have rejected resolutely from the beginning. Instead, on Monday, after the Jan. 6 frame-up committee referred Trump for prosecution, Mitch said, “The entire nation knows who is responsible for that day.” Is that so, Mitch? Do you mean Nancy Pelosi or Liz Cheney?


McConnell continued his assessment of the midterm debacle by claiming, “And oddly enough, even though that subset of voters did not approve of President Biden, they didn’t have enough confidence in us in several instances to give us the majority we needed.” In reality, the Republicans got three million more votes than the Democrats did, but this didn’t translate into the expected gains because Mitch and his cohorts stood by idly and let the Democrats gerrymander the district maps in state after state, rendering the Republican advantage null and void. McConnell, however, insisted that the Republicans did worse than expected in “every state,” and that this was the fault of the former president, not Mitch’s in failing to address the real concerns of voters and present a genuine alternative to the Leftist agenda.

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Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) spoke the truth when he said Republican voters “are begging us to tell them what we will do when we are in charge. Unfortunately, we have continued to elect leadership who refuses to do that and elicits attacks on anyone that does. That is clearly not working and it’s time for bold change. The voters are demanding it.” Indeed. But the Republican establishment is apparently happy being the controlled opposition: McConnell was reelected as Senate Republican leader the day after that, so the next two years at the very least will offer us nothing better than more of the same.


Trump can indeed be “sort of nasty.” The reason why he still has any appeal to Republican voters is that he seems to be the only candidate (with the notable exception of Ron DeSantis) who is nasty enough to stand up to the deep-state swamp creatures and the globalists who envision us within a few years eating bugs and queueing up for a seat on electric buses to take us to our miserable rented flats. If America is to be saved from galloping inflation, open borders, and rapidly accelerating decline, it will need fewer polite and urbane politicians such as Mitch McConnell, who is only too happy to put his stamp of approval on the Democrats’ latest insane spending scheme and anything else they decide to force upon a weary public. We’ll need a few politicians who are sort of nasty enough to stand up for Americans. For that, Mitch will have to retire.


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