8 Things Worse Than This Kevin McCarthy Drama

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GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell threw a party for Joe Biden in Kentucky on Wednesday, and that’s worse than the Kevin McCarthy House Speaker drama. McConnell’s edition of the Chris Christie/Obama bro hug highlights this incontrovertible truth: the contempt in which the Washington establishmentarians hold conservatives is eclipsed only by the utter mistrust we have in them.


This is what you’re seeing on Capitol Hill with the multiple McCarthy votes: open mistrust.

No one argues that the two political parties should be sworn enemies, but neither should Joe and Mitch be holding political slumber parties, combing each others’ hair, and giggling into the night about leaving people who voted for Chip Roy, Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert unrepresented.

We want them—Kevin McCarthy and company—to verify before we trust.

Democrats and their media mouthpieces claim to be aghast at these multiple votes. Oh, please.

Here are a few other things that Congress has done recently that are worse than Kevin McCarthy getting his feelings hurt.

Proxy Voting

Where’s the outrage about some in Congress still using Covid as an excuse not to go to work? Instead, they are giving their votes to other members to cast for them. I’m not opposed to Congress decentralizing the body to some extent to keep members closer to the people, but fish or cut bait, folks; make it official and stop making phony excuses.

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Regular Order

The days of School House Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill” are over. Bills haven’t been written and woodshedded in committee by elected representatives for years now. The fissure between parties and the unbending attitudes by Leftists are responsible for ObamaCare and other huge welfare and public spending bills being crammed through by rule and political manipulations and not the “systematic, step-by-step lawmaking process that emphasizes the role of committees: bill introduction and referral to committee; the conduct of committee hearings, markups, and reports on legislation; House and Senate floor consideration of committee-reported measures; and the creation of conference committees to resolve bicameral differences.”


I remember when Paul Ryan vowed to go back to Regular Order.


Stop yanking our chains and pass a damned budget without going through end-of-year theatrics about government shutdowns. The American people should not be experts on CRs—continuing resolutions. There should be budgets for every major area of government, and they should be voted on separately. And while I’m on the subject, give presidents a line-item veto.

Profligate Spending

A $1.7 trillion piece of legislation? Are you kidding me? Not one member of Congress read this collection of buzzwords.


Could we get truth in legislation, please? The Inflation Reduction Act is about neither. It was a global warming bill and blew the budget doors right off.

Breaking the Law

How is it possible that Senator Patty Murray and other big shots took money from Bernie Madoff wanna-be Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), and the feds have not clawed it back yet?

Why hasn’t Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) been prosecuted for lying about Trump-Russia “collusion”? Why hasn’t he been prosecuted by the Ethics Committee for not just leaking classified information from the House Intelligence Committee but false information from a House committee?

Lack of Transparency

Could we find out where SBF sent all the OPP (Other People’s Property)? Was the money used to seed pass-through small donations to Democrats? If that’s not it, then why can’t we discover why unemployed people in Washington State were able to give thousands in campaign donations?


Why is the January 6 Committee planning to hide key evidence for decades? Weren’t we promised “the truth”?

The Damned Border

Even people who came to the U.S. illegally want the U.S.-Mexico border to be fixed. Stop using it as an endless magnet for campaign donations. Could you please save the country’s sovereignty first? Please?

Every entry on that list of horribles is worse than Kevin McCarthy having to possibly leave his already-decorated House speaker’s office.

Wake up.

I know there are more things that are worse than this D.C. Drama that could have been on this list. Note them in the comments below.


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