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John McCain

Mitt calls on Moore to drop out of Senate race in face of sexual abuse allegations; Moore says he'll "fight back against the forces of evil."
"The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path... I can't in good conscience take," senator says.
"If we are going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve."
"Everyone's in trouble..."
Has McCain met McCain?
"As unpatriotic as attachment to any other tired dogma ...consigned to the ash heap of history."
EU says Trump does not have power to kill JCPOA; Iran vows "fitting and strong response."
She's opening up about her father's cancer.
Senator notes he and Trump are "very different people," one coming from TV and pageants and one coming from military family.
Now he votes against repeal efforts...
McCain says "in good conscience" he can't support his BFF's bill; Graham says friendship with McCain "is not based on how he votes."