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John McCain

But one Armed Services Dem argued "civilian control of our military is a fundamental principle."
McConnell said he's backing McCain, Schumer effort as "the Russians are not our friends."
McCain: Incident underscores that "we are not witnessing a China committed to a ‘peaceful rise.’"
"I just don't want a situation where our workforce decides to walk" in Trump era, says NSA director Rogers.
"He’s been weak to his core when it comes to representing American values."
Did Putin cause the shootings in Orlando or San Bernardino?
“Facts are stubborn things, and the facts clearly show that NAFTA has delivered enormous economic benefits."
White House pins wording of travel block on Congress as senators say it wasn't vetted.
In the War Hero's world, the friend of my friend is my enemy
Chairman predicts "there's probably going to be some more shoes to drop" on Russia.
It's about time.
He's more of a "dic-tater tot."