Trump-Hating Lincoln Project Founder Unleashes Unhinged Ragefest Targeting McCain Family

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And how was your weekend? Part of mine was spent reading rage tweets by  Steve Schmidt, the Trump-hating co-founder of The Lincoln Project, aimed at destroying John McCain and his family.


It was Schmidt’s attempt to leave no bridge un-incinerated between himself and the John McCain family. Mission Accomplished. Hope you brought a kayak.

Schmidt is a one-time Republican Party member who turned into a self-designated Donald Trump truther. With his partners, he vacuumed up millions of dollars in campaign money to create some of the most disgusting political commercials ever produced in American politics. The group hoped the muck would keep Trump from office and burnish their Democrat bonafides so they could play for the opposite team. They failed.

So hot was the rhetoric and intense the scrutiny of the founders of the group that they self-immolated in a blue flame of piety and greed and illegality.

It’s hard to divine what set the guy into a rage. But something set off Schmidt over the weekend, and it appears to be Meghan McCain and her overt disdain for the man who attempted to rescue Daddy’s campaign, which stalled out in the summer of 2008.

Part of the Schmidt rage was triggered by something in McCain’s poorly selling new book,Bad Republican: A Memoir,” but it looks like there are many things Schmidt lost his mind over. Some of them might be real, or maybe it’s just Schmidt running another Lincoln Project oppo campaign to smear the GOP before the midterm elections.

Judge for yourself.

“I can explain this. When I kicked @MeghanMcCain off of the 2008 McCain plane, because of her outrageous behavior, I talked to her mom and explained what was happening and why. Cindy got weepy and said ‘I just want to say I raised two good sons’ I said ‘everyone knows you did'”


Schmidt started with the personal attacks and ended with the political.

Multiple references in his Twitter rant showed Schmidt to be the mole in the GOP presidential campaign book Game Change. Judging by what he cops to in this rantfest, Schmidt should have been given writing credit, so open was the flow of information to authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

The man who attempted to lay waste to the McCain family reputation said he protected the family during the election of 2008.

Schmidt regularly appears on MSNBC, the same news outfit where Heilemann and Halperin were talking heads until Halperin was Me-Too’d.

Schmidt dished dirt, claiming John McCain had dalliances with at least one on-the-side honey, and affirmed for the umpteenth time his complete and utter hatred of Sarah Palin. With the adage that you are known by your enemies in mind, Palin should consider using Schmidt’s disapprobation in her congressional campaign.

The accused campaign grifter was the hero of his own multitudinous tweets, which started Saturday night and supposedly ended (maybe) on late Monday afternoon with a vow that it was the “last thing he would ever say to” the former The View co-host who now writes a column for The Daily Mirror.


“Our relationship wasn’t working for me. It was toxic. You know, with all the abuse, smearing and lying. I tried to get you to listen but you are a screamer and not a listener. We have to break up and say bye now,” Schmidt directed to Meghan McCain.

Indeed, Schmidt appears to be dredging up the whole Russia, Russia, Russia smear, which was fake news bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC in advance of the 2016 election and continuing into Trump’s first year in office–which makes one wonder if this ragefest is just a political operation.

“… on a SouthWest Flight with the National Press Corps gathered in NH waiting for him to drop out. That is when John McCain called me and asked me for help. It is the opening scene of Game Change. I helped him and his corresponding comeback made him the GOP a nominee for POTUS.”


If he could, maybe he’d exhume the former senator to impeach him for having Ukraine ties. Yes, here we go again.

“Absolutely. One of Yanukovych and Deripaskas top guys sits on the @McCainInstitute
Board. The American people need to know about the massive American corruption in Ukraine that helped lead to this disaster. It is shameful and John McCain turned a blind eye. It’s the truth”

Steve Schmidt may be teeing himself up for another presidential gig … for the Democrats, using the old Hillary Clinton playbook.



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