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Commander: "We will certainly reach their homelands just as we had done so previously."
"We will need to heal the survivors... we will need a massive effort in psychological assistance" after ISIS terror.
Next door is another camp with families victimized by the terror group who fear "we'll have no safety" with ISIS wives and kids there.
“It’s clear that relying on the 2001 AUMF to fight against terrorism is no longer the best option," argues one lawmaker.
Global coalition reports "a 92 percent decrease in global shares of ISIS video content on Twitter" in May.
"The Iraqi Security Forces will have the lead, will have made the decisions on the sequencing," colonel says.
Spokesman: 80 percent of the male and female suicide bombers unleashed on forces by ISIS were foreigners.
"It probably doesn't really matter," Townsend notes of uncorroborated reports, as "someone is guiding ISIS."
The critical next step is "laying the groundwork that prevents the rise of ISIS 2.0."
American spokesman calls on jihadists in U.S., EU, Russia to fight "comprehensive war with easily achievable benefits."
U.S. military: "ISIS cannot stop the progress that Iraqis and Syrians have mounted."