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ISIS has lost every Raqqa op battle to SDF, which recently liberated a number of Yazidi sex slaves.
"Some aspect of rough living" should make kids good terrorists, group says.
SDF "dominating" ISIS in offensive to retake Raqqa, "not an area that they're just going to give up very easily."
General: ISIS murders civilians "in the hundreds" each week and "that's increasing" in occupied part of city.
"This is not just a deportation. It's a death sentence."
"If it has to be done slow, that's how it's going to be done," defense official says of offensive.
They also declared jihad on Tom and Jerry, though one Egyptian official blamed cat and mouse for ISIS rise.
He doubled down on his ridiculous statement!
Majority leader tells AIPAC U.S. needs "clear, clear declaratory policy that says what we will do and why."
"Royal family running the place..."
Abadi in Washington: "It'll be a sad day for all of us if people believe dictatorship is better than democracy."
U.S. says ISIS running out of their "Mad Max-style" car bombs as fight goes on.