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executive actions

Chris Murphy warns it would be "dangerous ground for Republicans" to battle the executive actions.
House Speaker: "I think it'd be nice if he would actually focus on defeating ISIS."
President says he's never owned a gun, but Michelle would want one if they lived on a farm.
Shelby: "She didn't cite any source that was meaningful. She just gave her opinion."
$10 million in taxpayer dollars allocated to provide diapers to low income families.
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may seem like an odd pairing, but their desired endgames are the same.
A chapter from "The Road to Serfdom" explains Trump's ascension.
"When you have Dave Brat and Bernie agreeing on the fundamentals of how this place works..."
These documents could have helped prevent the Orlando and San Bernardino attacks.
A simulated Convention of States will demonstrate how the people can rein in their own government.
House chairman: Administration "has obeyed every directive from environmentalists to starve the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System."
Jobs and the economy, 2. Environmentalists and Standing Rock Sioux, 0.