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executive actions

A simulated Convention of States will demonstrate how the people can rein in their own government.
House chairman: Administration "has obeyed every directive from environmentalists to starve the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System."
Jobs and the economy, 2. Environmentalists and Standing Rock Sioux, 0.
Wall "will put immigrant lives needlessly in harm's way," says Austin bishop.
Enough politics. Please keep this relationship professional.
"The American dream is back."
"He really meant all the crazy things that he said on the trail."
"Refugees are not your enemy; your enemy is the one who made them refugees," Syrian tells protest.
"I'm gonna ask him who was his acting coach."
Gay-rights group asks if president will oppose "any executive actions" allowing entities to discriminate.
“It’s not that there’s something inherently evil about the people of Syria," says Labrador.