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executive actions

State's attorney general has been bulking up his budget to fight executive orders.
Former attorney general attributes number of executive orders and "all these legal battles" to resistance.
Cruz calls former acting attorney general's arguments those of "partisan litigants."
Becerra: "We don't have to respect a dictate from a president who probably hasn't read the Constitution in quite some time."
Legislation that would block local and state police from helping federal immigration officers sparking heated town halls.
The judge sits on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association.
Attendance and buzz were down.
Trump spokesman came off as petulant, arrogant, and wrong about substantive issues.
Washington state AG: "Nobody is above the law"; orders "must be consistent with Constitution."
Judges didn't take well to DOJ argument that president has “unreviewable authority" in case.
It would be unconstitutional, and set a dangerous precedent.