Unity Watch: Biden's Day 1 Executive Order on Trans Rights Could Not Be More Controversial

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President Joe Biden spoke of unity throughout his campaign and during his inaugural speech on Wednesday. Then he returned to the Oval Office and forgot about it entirely. Or he just signed whatever his handlers put in front of him so he could get an Ensure and a nap. One of the papers he signed was a pro-transgender Executive Order entitled “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”


We can begin by thanking Justice Neil Gorsuch for his pretzel logic that allowed him to divine what legislators meant when they wrote Title VII. Biden has taken that reasoning and expanded it to any law that prohibits discrimination, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Title IX was intended to provide equal opportunity to women and girls in scholastic sports, scholarships, and educational opportunities.

With Biden’s order, young women and girls can be erased in some of those same areas. Section 1 could not be any clearer:

Every person should be treated with respect and dignity and should be able to live without fear, no matter who they are or whom they love.  Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports. Adults should be able to earn a living and pursue a vocation knowing that they will not be fired, demoted, or mistreated because of whom they go home to or because how they dress does not conform to sex-based stereotypes. People should be able to access healthcare and secure a roof over their heads without being subjected to sex discrimination.  All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.


This paragraph and the legalese that follows make it clear that biological boys who identify as girls will have access to locker rooms, bathrooms, sports teams, and educational opportunities such as scholarships that have been reserved for girls. Their access will take precedence over the right of girls and young women to be treated with respect and dignity, free from fear or discomfort.

Take note. This Executive Order is predicated on a radical activist contention:

Discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation manifests differently for different individuals, and it often overlaps with other forms of prohibited discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race or disability.  For example, transgender Black Americans face unconscionably high levels of workplace discrimination, homelessness, and violence, including fatal violence.

Chad Felix Greene, writing for The Federalist, looked at all of the data on fatal violence against trans individuals reported by the Human Rights Campaign. Greene is married to another man and is open about his struggles with gender identity. He noted that these crimes had a reasonable clearance rate and progressed to sentencing and said no one tolerates violence against the trans community. However, he also noted:


The truth is there is very little our government or society could do to reduce these incidents. They result from cultural influences, dangerous environments, and high-risk engagements. The most powerful effects the left, LGBT advocacy and media, and Democratic leaders could have in protecting transgender people would be to tell the truth about prostitution, drugs, risky sex practices, and domestic violence.

Study: Olympic Guidelines Give Transgender Women an ‘Intolerable’ Advantage in Women’s Sports

Yet, in service of this narrative, girls and young women will have to compete against biological boys and young men for every opportunity and welcome them into their sex-segregated spaces. All that is required is that the male identifies as a female. He does not need to present as a female, be taking treatment, or in any way be actively transitioning.

We have already seen women suffer severe injuries when trans women compete in mixed-martial arts and rugby. Research also shows only a 5% decrease in strength after trans women take testosterone blockers. This reduction would not erase a natural advantage:

The study, published in Sports Medicine, found that while elite men are around 10-13% faster than elite women at running and swimming, the gap is between 29% and 52% when it comes to bowling cricket balls, hitting long drives, weightlifting and in sports that generally rely more on muscle mass and explosive strength.


These differences begin to emerge in the teen years, which explains why co-ed sports may be offered in lower grades but generally branch off into boys and girls leagues in junior high. You see these differences well into adulthood in a visible way. If you watch a WNBA game, it looks nothing like an NBA game. The game’s pace and strategy are completely different because of the biological differences between men and women.

Aside from the obvious problems with sports, biological boys will also be eligible for scholarships, educational enrichment opportunities like exchange programs, and other opportunities reserved for girls and young women today. As Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, asserted, the Biden administration just installed a new glass ceiling for girls and young women.

Extending these rights is not even agreed upon on the political Left. Tennis star Martina Navratilova objected to bringing biological men into women’s sports, and writer J.K. Rowling has asserted there is a difference between a trans woman and a biological woman. That this was a day-one priority for the Biden administration speaks volumes about just how far the radical activist left has permeated the Democrat Party.


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