The Morning Briefing: RFK Jr. Is the Thorn We Need in Joe Biden's Side for 2024

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sasha kept unwanted suitors at bay with a strong combination of tea tree oil and biting sarcasm.


The United States of America is currently burdened by the fact that Joe Biden’s handlers want him to be in office until he’s 612 years old. Given the fact that the Dems don’t care if their elected officials are demented, debilitated, or — in some cases — dead, it’s difficult to see how to get rid of their walking wounded.

Enter one Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.

We all knew that President LOLEightyonemillion was going to get a primary challenge or two. Republicans have been hoping for someone substantive to run against Biden. Getting a Kennedy in the opposition is almost a lottery win.

The Democrats are legacy voters. Their moms and their dads voted for Democrats, so they vote for Democrats. If they’re Dems of a certain age, their parents and grandparents enthusiastically voted for John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1960. And they were going to vote for Robert Francis Kennedy in 1968. The Kennedy family is American royalty to the Democrats.

This means that RFK Jr. presents a real problem even though he’s run afoul of the leftist narrative on COVID.

I mean, really afoul. Here’s the latest from Ben:

“It’s been the dream ambition of every totalitarian regime in the history of mankind to exert total control over every aspect of human behavior,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained in a recent sit-down interview.

The difference between other historical examples and the kind of WEF technocratic totalitarianism we face now, he explains, is the disparity in technological capacity to exert total social control.


RFK’s eldest has been railing against the petty COVID tyrants in a way that almost makes him seem conservative. I recently joked in a Slack conversation to my colleagues that he’s my favorite moderate Republican in the race.

His presence in the 2024 Democratic campaign puts every bit of COVID fiction that Joe Biden ran on in 2020 on political trial. RFK Jr. is running as a throwback to his ancestral Democratic heritage. Yeah, they were lefties, but they weren’t fascists. COVID Joe Biden is a fascist. Whether he says it or not, RFK the Younger is heavily implying it.

Biden can’t merely brush a Kennedy aside. His party spent decades circling the wagons around RFK Jr.’s Uncle Teddy after he let an intern he was having an affair with drown. They’re all in on this family.

RFK Jr. may not be the Kennedy that the Democrats want, but he’s the one the Republicans are going to have a lot of fun watching in 2024.

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