The Morning Briefing: LOL, Trump Is Still the Democrats' Daddy

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Rory often went months at a time eating nothing but Cheetos. He had very few friends during these periods.


As I have been fond of saying since last year, Donald Trump isn’t merely living rent-free in Democrats’ heads, he’s building condos there and having the time of his life.

The Dems haven’t been able to enjoy one single moment of their “victory” in the 2020 election because Trump is still out there, smiling, and teasing a run in 2024. They wake up thinking about him. They retire to their beds of shame thinking about him at the end of every day.

The House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues, also known as the J6 Committee, exists solely to make up reasons to keep Trump from running for president again because they know that they have no one who can beat him in a fair fight and without a generous assist from a pandemic.

Matt wrote yesterday about a new poll that no doubt has the Democrats running for the Prilosec and Xanax:

It is hard to think of anyone more disparaged by the media than Donald Trump. In the seven years since he officially entered the political arena, it’s been nonstop hate and lies.

Yet, according to the latest survey from the Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll, Donald Trump has higher favorability ratings than any other American politician.

The poll found that the top five politicians in terms of favorability are:

  • Donald Trump, 42%
  • Bernie Sanders, 40%
  • Mike Pence, 39%
  • Joe Biden, 38%
  • Kamala Harris, 37%

Trump’s numbers may not be through the roof, but they’re still higher than the two most prominent Democrats in the country. And, as Matt notes, this is despite the corrupt media working overtime to destroy Trump. In any given week, around half of the Opinion pieces in The New York Times and The Washington Post are bashing Trump, even when he hasn’t recently done anything newsworthy.


Paraphrasing Brokeback Mountain, they just can’t quit him.

The fact that the MSM also spends so much effort to prop up Biden really makes his numbers look bad.

Again, were it not for the pandemic and the excuse it gave the Democrats to play fast and loose with election laws, Trump would still be president. The obvious nightmare scenario for the Dems would be for Trump to win a delayed second term after they were so gleeful about running him out of office.

They should probably add some Ambien to the meds list.

The rest of us should load up on popcorn.

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