The Morning Briefing: AOC Stomps Her Foot and Reminds Everyone That She's Still America's Dumbest Bartender

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Happy Friday, Dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Best of health wishes to everyone who is old enough to remember when the History Channel aired programs about history.


Thus far, February hasn’t given us much indication that 2022 might not be an idiot.

While we’re on the subject of idiots, we should note that America’s Dumbest Bartender is competing for gold in the “Biggest Mouth That Never Shuts” in this year’s ChiCom Olympics.

Robert has the story:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Lubyanka) is furious with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) for daring to stand against the far-Left’s plans for socialism and election-rigging, and she is demanding that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-Sinister) take action, and take action now. She wants him to “make their lives as difficult as possible.” This is the kind of rhetoric that destroys free republics, and AOC should be remembered for it.

I have no problem referring to Little Miss in terms that some might feel are patriarchal and sexist. She’s a commie, so I can be as awful as I want.

The problem with AOC is that the mainstream media hacks who the Democrats’ bidding have given her the impression that her Twitter popularity equals actual political clout. She’s not a bright girl, so she keeps lapping up the nonsense.

AOC’s badgering of Schumer is shining a light on two real problems with the Democrats’ slim majority in Congress. The first is the aforementioned social media clout that the empty-headed Ms. Ocasio-Cortez currently enjoys. She could barf up a Chiclet and all of social media would be abuzz about it for 48 hours. It feeds her ego and gives her the energy to yap on.


The second problem for the Dems — and America — that’s being exposed here is the fact that Chuck Schumer is an incompetent simpleton.

As my friend and colleague Kevin Downey Jr. frequently points out, Democrats fail up. The upper echelon of the Democratic party is populated with mediocrities who would likely fail at jobs that are mostly done by high school kids.

Chuck Schumer is a paste-eating fool who also happens to be the majority leader of what was once the most august legislative body in this great Republic.

Schumer is regularly out-maneuvered by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose knowledge of Senate procedure dwarfs his counterpart’s. The fact that Schumer is so awful at his job gives AOC the feeling that she can push him around.

If a Republican congressperson were to try an influence the workings of the Senate the mainstream media hacks would be rending their garments over the egregious breach of protocol. They can’t say anything about AOC, however, because she’ll sprout fake tears and whine about sexism/racism/whateverism.

AOC is not a bright woman. She was elected to the House in a district that a Democrat with four cents and an IQ of 12 could win. The MSM may love her but her big mouth doesn’t win her a lot of friends in her own party.

Heaven help us if we ever start voting by Twitter though.


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