The Morning Briefing: Elizabeth Warren Is Really Cranking Up the Commie Stupidity This Week

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The Dalai Lama rarely complains about chafing.

The Twitter glitch is still happening so I just nuked those sections today and did a YouTube twofer in The Kruiser Kabana.


Yesterday was a long travel day for me. Flying with masks has got to go away. I’m tired of not being able to tell if my flight attendant is attractive or not. I miss the booze too.

Oh, booze.

One of the more despicable communists to rise to the upper echelon of the Democratic party is Elizabeth Warren, the United States senator from the once sane state of Massachusetts.

Fauxcahontas gained fame by lying about being Native American, then using that lie to refer to herself as a “woman of color.” She might even have gotten away with it if she wasn’t one of the four whitest women on Earth.

Like most popular Democrats, Warren is a communist who despises America. She’s really been letting her idiot commie freak flag fly this week.

A.J. writes about Warren’s adamant wish that we fundamentally transform the republic to give the creepy Democrats power that they haven’t been able to earn:

Elizabeth Warren took to the Boston Globe Wednesday to recommend destroying the Supreme Court.

“To restore balance and integrity to a broken institution, Congress must expand the Supreme Court by four,” the Massachusetts U.S. senator opined. “Some oppose the idea of court expansion. They have argued that expansion is ‘court-packing,’ that it would start a never-ending cycle of adding justices to the bench, and that it would undermine the court’s integrity. They are wrong. And their concerns do not reflect the gravity of the Republican hijacking of the Supreme Court.”

Hijacking, eh? And why four additional? Because Warren adores three of the current justices and abhors the other six; adding four or more new justices would ensure that the people she likes would constitute a majority.


The bit about hijacking is beyond pathetic. It’s more of the projection that is the Democrats’ stock in trade. Hijacking the Supreme Court is precisely what Warren is proposing to do.

We shouldn’t be surprised that a commie is suggesting a top-down solution to get something the easy way though.

Chris covered the Twitter spat that the paste-eating commie got into with Elon Musk after he was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” Warren accused Musk of “freeloading,” which is too rich coming from a useless politician who’s living off of the taxpayers’ dime.

Elizabeth Warren contributes nothing to American society. Boilerplate gasbag hyperbole isn’t a contribution.

Elon Musk is going to put humans on Mars sometime in the next quarter-century.

A sane world would recognize that she doesn’t have the talent to be an unpaid intern at Tesla or SpaceX and tell her to stop barfing up nonsense. Commie Dems insist on continually proving that they don’t understand percentages — or basic math at all for that matter — by barking “FAIR SHARE!” at billionaires to rationalize their taxation sexual fetish. They wear their stupidity like a badge of honor.

As you’ll see when you read Chris’s post, Musk absolutely destroys the intellectually outmatched Warren.


Take your vapid commie crusade elsewhere, Lyin’ Liz. We’re trying to hang onto freedom here.

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