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Senator Richard Blumenthal Speaks at Communist Party Awards Ceremony

Senator Richard Blumenthal Speaks at Communist Party Awards Ceremony
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Democrats across the country have denounced Republican efforts to connect them to socialists and communists as false propaganda.

But a poll last summer found that a majority of Democrats actually favored socialism over capitalism. And there are several high-profile Democrats and other leftists in Congress who are socialists, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).


Most Democrats don’t like to advertise their radicalism and keep quiet about their ties to socialists and communists.

I guess Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) never got the memo.

Blumenthal spoke at an awards ceremony to honor winners of the Amistad Award and handed out special certificates to the winners. The Connecticut People’s World Committee — an organization tied to the communist People’s World daily newspaper — sponsored the event.

Yankee Institute:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT, joined the program as a surprise guest to offer his congratulations and present the award winners with certificates of special recognition from the United States Senate. “I am really excited and honored to be with you today and share in this remarkable occasion,” Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal said one doesn’t have to agree with everything the party or the unions stand for and said he was there to acknowledge “the great tradition of activism and standing up for individual workers that is represented by the three honorees.”

Blumenthal also used his time to pitch support for the Build Back Better plan, voting legislation, a national $15 minimum wage, ending the filibuster and re-electing Democrats to Congress.

So Blumenthal was fully aware that he was speaking at an event organized by the Communist Party — an organization that has pledged to overthrow the U.S. government as it is currently constituted.


We see revolution as a profoundly democratic process, one that involves the actions and decisions of the vast majority. The more unified the majority, the more likely it is that a transition can be accomplished without the capitalists using violence to block the building of socialism. We reject all approaches that welcome and seek violent action. We fight for and commit ourselves to building enough unity to win socialism peacefully, though we recognize that the ruling class may initiate violence against progressive and radical movements in an attempt to maintain its power. We have no illusions that the capitalists will willingly give up power and control unless they have no possibility of successfully stopping social transformation by initiating capitalist class-led violence.

I wonder how much of his wealth Blumenthal will get to keep after the revolution.

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The Amistad Awards was an event that doubled as a recruiting pitch for the Communist Party USA.

Washington Free Beacon:

“If you are not already part of the Communist Party, we invite you to participate and contribute and join,” Bergmann said after Blumenthal’s speech. “There’s more and more people talking about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.”

“I’m a member of the Communist Party, I love it. I think it’s an amazing organization,” said Bergmann, who serves as an organizer for the Young Communist League USA.


Blumenthal is an idiot tool of oppression. His open embrace of these anti-democratic forces should get him censured by the Senate.

He won’t be censured, of course. Democrats are too busy trying to downplay their ties to socialism or communism to be bothered much with preventing real socialists from taking over.

In the late 1940s, the Democratic Party rose up and purged the communists and radical socialists from their ranks. Today, with senators like Blumenthal openly embracing communists, it’s not likely the courage will be found in the Democratic Party to cleanse it of anti-American forces who seek to overturn our constitutional republic.

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