[WATCH] Georgia HS Student Brilliantly Destroys Her School Board Over Mask Mandates

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

While it is no big secret that the world has been getting crazier for a long time now, it’s safe to say that the descent into madness has greatly accelerated since March of last year. The inmates were running the asylum before, but now a bunch of lunatics who even the inmates think are crazy have taken over.


The mask/vax Nazis — as I am now fond of calling them — have been running roughshod over liberties, livelihoods, and common sense. They aren’t “following the science,” as they are so fond of saying. Rather, they’re following an almost sexual predilection for control. This isn’t a massive public health effort we are witnessing; it’s a creepy fetish on a disturbing scale, often preying on the most vulnerable among us, like kids in public schools.

Here is a prime example of some of the mask madness:

Seriously, the people making kids live like this are not well.

We are seeing glimmers of hope in the form of people protesting mandates whenever and wherever they can. I happened upon this video on Twitter Tuesday afternoon and knew I had to share it. An unidentified high school senior is confronting the Fulton County school board about the mask mandates and — I don’t often use this word — it’s epic. She’s very polite, which makes it all the more devastating. She hits them with statistics and logic, which are anathema to the lefty government fetishists.

She delivered what I think was the knockout blow when she said that “the environment created by the mask mandate is not welcoming or conducive to learning, I recall years of Fulton County schools promoting anti-bullying campaigns, yet your very own hired staff bully us daily about how we wear our masks.”


There is no word yet as to whether alleged President Biden and his attorney general have branded this young woman a domestic terrorist for having the audacity to show up to a public meeting and confront her school board over what’s going on at a taxpayer-funded institution.

Of course, we’re still seeing plenty of evidence that the unhinged Democrat thugs who are enacting and enforcing these mandates have no interest in playing by their own rules, whether they be about masks or vaccinations.

Congratulations to this young student for writing her speech and being brave enough to deliver it. She is audibly nervous but maintains a civil tone and gets her points across brilliantly.

Here is the video:


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