Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—Enough With the Dems' Nonsense About an 'Inclusive' Taliban Already

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The two biggest security threats to the United States in my lifetime have been the Soviet Union and Islamic jihadists. Different enemies, to be sure, but they have something in common: Dems have always been completely delusional about them.

Back in the Cold War days, Dems were forever peddling a spiel about how wonderful the Soviet people and system were. My grandparents would visit our relatives in Poland from time to time and when they returned home they were never singing the praises of communism. Nor were our cousins back in the mother country. Yeah, most of the people were nice, but the government higher-ups were pure evil.

I trusted my grandparents far more than anyone else, so I never bought the American leftist spin about the Soviets.

The Democrats’ view of Islamic terrorists is even more perplexing. They consistently get so much wrong about the jihadists that I wonder if any of them can actually read.

Ever since it became apparent that it would take the Taliban about 14 minutes to steamroll Afghanistan and retake control of the country after two decades the Democrats have been trying to insist that this version of the terrorist organization is much nicer than the one we chased into the mountains back in the day. Of course, that was all based on…absolutely nothing. The Democrats’ trips to the Land of Geopolitical Make-Believe that inform their foreign policy decisions pose a far greater threat to the United States than that drunk dude with the horns on his hat.

The only people the Democrats allow themselves to refer to as evil bad guys are their fellow Americans who vote Republican. Actual bad guys like Mexican drug cartels, Islamic terrorists, and the makers of Miller Lite are greeted with open arms and given carte blanche to assault our persons and/or way of life.

Despite there being zero evidence that Taliban 2021 is any more civilized than OG Taliban, the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media keep the dream alive.

In a recent column, I wrote about an Opinion piece in The New York Times by Tom Friedman in which he opined that the new Taliban would be better because the omnipresence of smartphone cameras and social media would make them want to play nice.

An adult wrote that.

Here is a snippet that the Times posted Wednesday in an Afghanistan update:

The Taliban are preparing to set out their new Islamic government imminently, naming Sheikh Haibatullah Akhundzada, the insurgency’s top religious leader, as the country’s supreme authority, according to a Taliban official.

Although the group swiftly seized final control of the country this month, the Taliban have spent more than a decade preparing to take power by steadily expanding a shadow government, called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and appointing officials down to the district level in preparation for a moment when they were again in power.

While it remains unclear when exactly an announcement may come and whether it would include a more inclusive council,

The Taliban are placing a Muslim cleric at the head of the new government and the Times wonders whether it might be inclusive or not. I don’t think we have a word for whatever color the sky is in their world.

An article in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday provided some glimpses into the reality of the “new” Taliban:

But, around the country, the Taliban already are showing signs that they are unwilling to tolerate cultural or political expressions that conflict with their fundamentalist beliefs. Many Afghans, conscious of the violent regime the Taliban operated in the late 1990s, fear the worst has yet to come.

In Daykundi province west of Kabul, shortly after their arrival two weeks ago, the Taliban banned girls from school beyond sixth grade, resulting in the closure of all girls’ schools, said Hamza Ulfat, an activist from the area.

The Taliban there also banned women from leaving home without a male relative, even forbidding them from washing clothes in the river, Mr. Ulfat said. The new restrictions, along with new taxes, have led to deadly clashes between a local militia and the Taliban, according to several residents.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these dudes aren’t spending a lot of time at night hanging out and talking about inclusiveness and what they can do to make people in other countries warm up to them.

Our own Robert Spencer covered another story about the cuddly new Taliban:

Fawad Andarabi was an Afghan folk singer who played the ghichak, a lute played with a bow, and sang about his native land. One of his songs contained the lyric: “There is no country in the world like my homeland, a proud nation. Our beautiful valley, our great-grandparents’ homeland.” The Taliban, showing their commitment to inclusivity that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the rest of Biden’s handlers so dearly wish them to demonstrate, murdered Andarabi on Friday, likely for the crime of playing music for pleasure, which is forbidden in Islamic law. As CNN’s Peter Bergen recently noted, millions of Afghans “have good reason today to be skeptical of the ‘kinder, gentler’ Taliban” that some of the perennially eager-to-be-fooled have insisted exists. Indeed, they do. But will Blinken and company get the message?

NASA doesn’t have the kind of navigational equipment it would take to help the Democrats find their way back to reality, especially when it comes to Islamic terrorists. This next season of American Horror Story: The Democrats is going to be tough to watch.

Maybe even tough to survive.


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