MSM Meltdown Over Cheney Proves GOP Did the Right Thing

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GOP Hits the Bullseye

The brouhaha is over.

House Republicans did what they should have done back in February and removed Lying Liz Cheney from leadership. This was particularly satisfying for those of us who aren’t used to seeing the GOP learn from its mistakes. Leaving Cheney in a leadership position after she announced that she would be siding with the Democrats during their “We just can’t quit him!” dog-and-pony show at the beginning of the year was most definitely a bad call.


The deed had been done by the time I wandered over to my computer to begin working for the day. I immediately did what I always do when I know that the Left is triggered: I checked Twitter, The New York Times, and The Washington Post to get an overview of the meltdown.

It was positively glorious.

The Times immediately trotted out its token fauxservative Republican — Bushie Peter Wehner — to write a lengthy screed that reads more like feelings journal fodder for a therapist than cogent political analysis.

As I wrote yesterday, the Bushies are soiling themselves over the fact that they are no longer power brokers and have become the useless vestigial guy nipples of the Republican Party. They’re going to be acting out for a long time about this but it won’t get them anything other than a pat on the head from the leftist media types who are actively working to destroy America.

Over at the Post, some idiot hunted down every squish he could find who would give him a quote portraying Cheney as a victim of “cancel culture.” She wasn’t canceled. She didn’t lose her job, she merely lost her management position because she let her colleagues know in no uncertain terms that she’s in this for herself. Be a team player if you want to be in charge.


As many of us have noted, the delicious irony of all of this is that the mainstream media is rallying behind the daughter of the man who they had listed as Public Enemy Number One for the first 16 years of the 21st century. Seriously, this is one of the most amusing political spectacles I’ve ever seen. You just know they’re all hitting the cheap gin hard every time they have to write a piece that praises Liz Cheney.

What’s even better is that she’s one of those Republicans who’s stupid enough to think they really like her now.

The fact that the mainstream media and their house pets from the Bulwark and the Lincoln Project have put in the effort to coordinate a message is the surest proof that the GOP did the right thing in ousting Cheney. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read “Trump’s Big Lie” today. The surest litmus test for veracity is this: if the Democrat Media Complex says something is the truth, then it’s a lie, and vice-versa.

The Democrats are running roughshod over the Constitution right now. This is no time to be tolerant of dissension in the ranks. We’re on a political war footing at the moment and the stakes are very, very high. Nobody in the GOP needs to be worrying about whether the person next to them in the trench might turn on them.


Once more, with feeling: any Republican who went along with the Democrats’ divisive, B.S. impeachment charades is not a person to be trusted. It’s nice to see that the party seems to be ready to treat the bad actors among them with some tough love.

Now it’s up to Republican voters to finish it all.


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