Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: What's a Movie Theater?

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In each of my last couple of media appearances, I was asked when I thought life in America was going to “get back to normal.” We all had a different idea of what that meant when all of this pandemic nightmare stuff began last year. Now I’m not so sure what normal even is.

One of the things I keep pondering is the future of entertainment in the post-pandemic world, especially live entertainment.

While recording a Kruiser Kabana podcast episode with actor Nick Searcy that will be posted later in the week, I was discussing the future of the movie industry not only as it related to production, but consumption as well.

I’ve been wondering if the theater business will ever be like it used to be. No doubt there are plenty of people who love the idea of going to see a movie in the theater and not have many people there because of social distance capacity mandates. I’m not gonna lie: I’d love to be in a theater with almost nobody else in it.


That’s not a sustainable business model for the theaters, however.

Home entertainment gets cheaper every year. You can buy a television for $400 now that would have cost over a grand six or seven years ago. I’ve been wondering if the future of the movie business will cater to people who are consuming the films in their homes. I know that’s a consideration already, but the theaters are still the focus. I’m talking about almost exclusively catering to at-home consumption.

I’m also wondering if that might lead to better movies, rather than endless reboots of superhero franchises. Yeah, I’m a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I wouldn’t mind a few more quirky but kickass comedies being made.

What do you think, dear readers? Would you rather just beef up your home entertainment and never go to a theater again? Were you doing that even before the bat flu?

I have to be honest, I’ve enjoyed going to see movies in theaters a lot more since the theaters started serving beer. If I reconfigure my home entertainment system it’s going to need something on tap.

Don’t forget, ask me anything. I don’t think you all appreciate the opportunity I’m giving you here to participate in the madness.

I’ll leave you with a trailer for a flick I know I’d like to see on a big screen, although I’m not ruling out having that big screen in my house.


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