The Morning Briefing: Americans Revolt Against Life in COVID-19 East Berlin

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Better Revolt Before the Curfew Tanks Arrive 

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My go-to core workout involves a keg of beer.

I feel almost conversational at times when leading off here each morning with you fine people. Sure, the conversation is a bit one-sided, but those who have met me in real life will tell you that that’s how it usually goes anyway.


The inspiration for this lead-in today began when I got a travel alert about a really good airfare between my humble desert hometown and San Jose, Costa Rica, which is someplace I’ve always wanted to visit. I quickly checked the Airbnb rates and found that they were ridiculously low. I started to plan a trip for next September in my head.

Then it hit me.

Who can predict how any of the COVID rules will be going then? I’ve been saying for a while now that I can’t envision any of this nonsense getting much better before summer. If I believe myself, a September trip would be wildly optimistic.

This stupid Chinese Bat Flu is ruining everything.

As I write this, my hometown is under curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM. There is no logic or science to back this up as being in any way effective to combat the ‘rona, but many “Listen to scientists” Democrats are fond of the curfews.

I was talking to a friend last week who has been very cautious about the virus and even somewhat supportive of early shutdown efforts to combat it. She’s getting a little weary now though. I said, “It’s like we’re living in a half-a**ed police state now,” and she agreed.

We are all aware that I don’t mind a little hyperbole now and then but I’m close to the mark with this one. Some of us are under curfew. Others are being forced to not go anywhere at all. We’re being told where, when, and with whom we can or cannot enjoy holiday meals. There’s talk of having to produce proof of vaccination papers to travel. Governors and mayors are encouraging citizens to report their neighbors to the authorities for violating COVID rules.


If it walks like a Soviet, talks like a Soviet…

Thankfully, there a signs that some of the good people of America are entirely fed up with the petty tyrants and are beginning to push back.

Various small business owners have been fighting shutdowns for months but things are really heating up now. One of the more inspirational stories has been the New Jersey gym owner who has been telling his governor what he can do with his lockdowns. Megan recently had an update:

Atlas Gym has been continuously harassed by the government of New Jersey for refusing to shut its doors or impose mask mandates on its clients. Owner Ian Smith has made headlines for staying open despite orders from the state to close up shop.

But now he’s back with a viral video message he made for Governor Phil Murphy. I don’t think the state’s sanctions on him are working, do you? Filming in a full gym, Smith stands defiant against government interference with his right to work and feed his family. I wish every business owner in America was this courageous. That’s all it would take to end the unfair targeting of small businesses while huge corporations are allowed to turn profits without fines. Resist!

Megan is right — more of this would weaken the tyrants.

Of course, that attitude would be folly if the repeated lockdowns were having a significant effect. Stacey has a great data-driven breakdown about that here.

Another heartwarming tale came out of Washington state this past weekend, which Victoria wrote about yesterday:


Residents of the clear-aired, fir tree-festooned, and sparsely-populated towns of Morton and Mossyrock, Wash., held a Freedom Rally in “peaceful protests” over the weekend to defy the governor’s latest COVID shutdown orders. Hundreds of people swarmed the small town of Mossyrock to spend money, eat inside restaurants, and raise a peaceful middle finger to the governor.

Look for the resistance to grow if any of the tyrannical idiots “follow the science” to canceling Christmas.

It has been disheartening to see how many Americans have been willing to blindly believe and roll over for politicians who don’t exactly represent the mentally sharpest among us. Heck, look at how many were willing to follow Joe Biden off the COVID cliff. He ran on nothing but the virus and the lemmings loved it.

Because Grandpa Gropes made COVID scare-tactics the centerpiece of his presidential run, his media slaves are still working overtime to keep the public panicking:

That’s right, kids, the homes that they are trying to force you to stay in are COVID-19 hotspots.

Don’t you feel super comforted by all of this science?

Let us all #resist and start to get these freedoms back before they go away forever.

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