The Morning Briefing: Thankful for the Rights That Democrats Want to Take Away

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Giving Thanks for Suddenly Fragile Rights

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends! Let the stuffing begin.

I don’t want to keep you away from whatever kind of COVID-modified celebration you’re having today. The Briefing doesn’t take holidays off but we do make things a bit shorter when they roll around. I’ll share a few thoughts and we can all be on our way.


This ungodly Chinese Bat Flu has brought out the worst in a lot of people, most of them Democrat elected officials. There have been some Republican transgressors as well, but the majority of the bad actors have been liberal leaders in traditionally liberal states and cities.

Basic rights have been getting trampled upon in the name of public health. Yesterday, Stacey wrote about the latest egregious overreach: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is placing law-enforcement COVID checkpoints around the city, giving it a Cold War East Berlin feeling just in time for the holidays.

Here in Arizona, we haven’t been subjected to a third job-killing, pointless lockdown…yet. For that I am most grateful. I shared this on Twitter last night:

As a real American, I tend to make better decisions when the government isn’t all up in my business, telling me what I can’t do. I would love to be at the big Thanksgiving celebration that I was supposed to attend today, but my gut was telling me that it wasn’t a good idea. I got to listen to my gut, rather than the state, and I genuinely am grateful for that.


The plague has amplified leftist assaults on the First Amendment. We know that if a Democrat returns to the White House the Second Amendment will be under assault. Democrats hate due process. So many things in the Constitution that we have enjoyed and taken for granted for so long are being assailed by people who purport to be freedom-loving Americans, many of whom hold some of the highest positions in government.

We must be vigilant, my friends, and not let them prevail.

On this most unusual Thanksgiving Day in this most trying of years, let us be grateful that we are, for the moment, still protected by the Constitution of the United States.

On a personal note, I am most grateful for all of you who read this Briefing every weekday. I’ll be here plugging away trying to avoid gulag time.

As for today, I am going to give thanks for my health and freedom, then happily celebrate this strange Thanksgiving Day by grilling some delicious salmon steaks. There will be no cranberry sauce.

Be safe and enjoy and, once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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