Democrats' All-Over-the-Place Flailing on Barrett Is as Illogical as It Is Pathetic

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Pick a Story, Democrats

We’re barely past the opening statements in the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett and and the Democrats’ attacks on her have a desperate, “Let’s throw everything against the wall and hope that something sticks here.”


This is just going to be a quick column on the utter ridiculousness we’ve seen from the Democrats in just the last four or five days.

Last Thursday, The New York Times did a deep dive of several thousand words into a group that ACB may or may not belong to called “People of Praise.” No one has heard of the group. I’ve been a practicing Roman Catholic my entire adult life and I never heard of it until the libmedia became obsessed with it a few weeks ago. This is the kind of thing that the Times found objectionable:

The group espouses conservative views on gender and sexuality, placing a strong emphasis on differences between the sexes. The group is almost entirely run by men in part because it “communicates to all men their shared responsibility for the life of the community,” ensuring men do not leave family and community matters to women, according to a 2009 document obtained by The Times titled “Men and Women in the People of Praise.”

Citing the New Testament, the document affirms that men and women share a “fundamental equality as bearers of God’s image.” It states that women in the community pursue careers in a variety of professional spheres, and condemns “unjust forms of discrimination against women.” But it also emphasizes that men and women are designed by God for different roles.


Hold that thought.

Flash-forward just a few days to a hot take from Slate writer Tom Scocca. I don’t want to link to Slate, so I’m glad that Matt Naham wrote about it at Law and Crime:

In “Amy Coney Barrett Is as Cynical as Trump,” Tom Scocca’s take was that Barrett, a legal scholar, lawyer, wife, circuit judge, Supreme Court nominee and mother to seven children all at the same time, should be understood as “a shameless, cynical careerist who believes nobody can stop her.”

The argument appears to be that Barrett’s decision to accept a nomination to the highest court in the land, despite the highly contentious circumstances surrounding the nomination, makes her selfish.

As the infomercials are fond of saying: BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

Twitchy had a story on Monday about a female lawyer’s critique of Judge Barrett’s wardrobe:


So, in four days she went from being — and I’m paraphrasing here — a submissive “Handmaid’s Tale” woman to a cutthroat bi*ch to the Whore of Babylon. Sure, I’m exaggerating a little but these attacks really are off-base and childish.


Perhaps the most insane thing I’ve seen from the Left in the last two weeks is the frequent assertion that ACB will be rolling back women’s rights if she’s on the court. The argument being presented is that this woman, who is about to rise to the absolute pinnacle of her profession, is going to suddenly want to undo all that got her there.

One of the more telling things I read was an article in The Atlantic on Monday titled: “The Irony at the Heart of the Amy Coney Barrett Fight,” and subtitled: “Republicans are pitching Donald Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee as a feminist icon at a time when the party is intensely unpopular among American women.”

The gist of it is, “The politics of this incredibly accomplished woman are inconvenient for us to recognize her as a feminist, so how dare the Republicans present her as one?”

That’s what really bugs the Democrats about Barrett. They don’t want individual voters, they want hive-mind voting blocs. In their minds, the womenfolk belong to them. We see them do this with minority voters all the time. None dare stray.

The writer for The Atlantic is horrified that Amy Coney Barrett has been successful without buying into the leftist “you need us to help you” victimhood model.


All the Democrats are, actually. That’s why they’re acting out so.

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