The Biden 2020 Message: Republicans Are All Racists, Now Let's Unite!

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Biden the Benevolent, He Ain’t

In this strangest of election years there have been so many oddities to adjust to that you would think we’d be getting used to it by now.


It would appear that the Year of Our Lord 2020 is doubling down on its commitment to be bizarre, especially as it pertains to the upcoming presidential election. I write this as the second of the mostly virtual, mostly audience-free nominating conventions is underway. Let’s be honest here — did any of us truly know how much we would miss the goofy vests covered with campaign buttons and the crazy hats?

It’s like I’m spending the holidays away from my family for the first time.

The latest “Is this The Onion?” experience involves he Democrats’ wholesale rebranding of Joseph Robinette Biden as a benevolent, empathetic bringer of unity to a wounded nation.

There is a lot to unpack regarding what is wrong with this, and I don’t know how much of it I can get to in one column, but because I’m here for you, dear readers, I will give it a whirl.

The Joe Biden being presented to the public for election to the highest office in the land does not exist in reality. The empathetic, benevolent grandpa story is cut from whole cloth and easily disputable by anyone with access to Google and a compulsion for honesty. The latter rules out the mainstream media, obviously.

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In reality, Joe Biden is, and always has been, a hot-headed spaz. Here are just a few examples. Many like to attribute his current unpredictability on camera to his obvious cognitive decline but the truth is that he has been like this forever. I distinctly remember many of my conservative friends thinking that Biden’s erratic behavior was amusing when he was vice president. I always thought it rather disturbing that someone that unstable was one heartbeat away from the presidency.

The Misplayed Character Card

If you’ve been feeling a smidge nauseated in recent months, it may be due to the Democrats’ insistence that Joe Biden is a man of great character who would restore dignity to the presidency. Anyone being forced to swallow that much crap is bound to be unwell.

Biden has been running for president seemingly forever. His first attempt came fourteen years before those turning eighteen this year and voting for the first time were born. That run ended in scandal when it was revealed that he was a big-time plagiarist in college.

It appears to be a habit that he hasn’t outgrown.

Biden’s plagiarism problem certainly speaks to the fact that he isn’t much of a thinker. It’s also not the kind of thing that a man who is running on his character should have so much of in his background.

An even bigger problem than Biden’s compulsion for plagiarism is his compulsive lying. Jeff Reynolds wrote an excellent post about it in May. It’s a VIP post, but I’ll grab a couple of things from it for all-access consumption here:

There remains no question that Joe Biden lies like most people breathe air. Many of us have met these types of people over the years. They lie about nothing at all, for no reason at all. Sometimes they lie deliberately to achieve a goal or to attain power. Many times they don’t realize they’ve lied, or don’t care. Many other times, however, they lie deliberately, knowingly, and have no remorse.


Here is just one of the many different sources from both sides of the political aisle that Jeff cites in his post.

Biden, Race-Baiting, and the Healing Scam
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As the United States heads into a presidential election amid disheartening and frightening racially-motivated civil unrest, we are being told that Joe Biden is the one to bring about calm and healing. Of all of the things about Joe Biden that fall apart upon closer inspection, this one probably disintegrates the quickest.

Since the Democrats just love playing the guilt-by-association game, it is worth mentioning that Joe Biden once praised former Klansman Robert Byrd as a mentor. Democrats always like to point out that Byrd wasn’t actually a Klansman at the time. How do you think they’d approach that if he’d been a Republican?

Oh yeah, he wouldn’t have been. All the old Klansmen were Democrats.

Biden has an uncomfortable history with racial issues. His shoot-from-the-lip approach often finds words he’d like to take back coming out of his mouth. Matt wrote a post in July detailing some of Biden’s more uncomfortable moments when it comes to race.


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Let us not forget that the whole reason that Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris spent a few weeks in the upper echelon of Democratic primary candidates last year was that she took Grandpa Gropes to task for opposing busing when he was a young senator.


That’s right, Harris probably wouldn’t have been prominent enough to be considered for the number two spot on the ticket had she not heavily implied that Biden is racist.

The real load of bunk that is impossible to ignore about this Biden puppet reboot is the insistence that he will be empathetic and a healer of a divided country.

During the 2012 election, the always-unhinged Scranton village Idiot told African Americans that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains. He routinely calls President Trump a racist, which is usually used as a reason to call Trump’s supporters racist too.

In the Democratic fever dream, a man who has been spitting on half of the country for years is going to magically heal the divisions we’re struggling with. As if all of us on this side are suddenly going to say, “Oh, yeah, we’ve totally been missing how cool this guy is” after he’s elected and forgive everything.

The Democrats — and specifically their new progressive overlords — are the ones who have been sowing the seeds of division in this country. Those aren’t Republican youth out there smashing windows, setting things on fire, and harassing people in public who are just trying to enjoy a meal.

Democrats are right about the nation needing healing, but they are too ideologically blinded and monumentally stupid to grasp that they are the reason we need it. They’re inflicting the wounds then telling us they’re more capable of fixing us up. It’s like a doctor repeatedly shooting a patient just to make a pitch that the bullet needs extraction.


No thanks, libs, I’ll take a pass on lighting the unity candle with people who have been dumping truckloads of pejoratives on me for years. I’ll stick to trying to get along with people who don’t need electroshock therapy and a nice, long stay in the home.

In Search of the Invisible Biden Voter

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