Election 2020

C'Mon, Man! 4 Times When Joe Biden's 'Empathy' Didn't Match The DNC Rhetoric

Screen shot from video of Joe Biden interacting with voters.

The four-night Joe-Biden-is-the-most-empathetic-and-most-caring-man-who’s-ever-run-for-president gambit at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) was really something. But where was that empathy and caring on the in-person campaign trail when he went toe-to-toe with voters?

Over four nights Biden was sold as a wounded and empathetic leader. He is just so much more better and empathetic than Donald Trump, we are assured. Joe will lead the country and be the nation’s top crier. He’s much better than Donald Trump because Trump’s a big brute who never cries.

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Joe will care more about you as he has Beto O’Rourke take your “AR-14’s” and raises your taxes, as promised, during a Biden Administration. C’mon, man, it’s your patriotic duty to pay more taxes, he says, appealing to our better, yet poorer selves.

Face it, Joe’s Just Better Than You

It’ll hurt, but Joe, being the empathic leader that he is, will feel badly for you as he does it. That’s just how much he cares. He’s just a that much better a person than Donald Trump.

And don’t you forget it.

Speakers at the four-night DNC convention were provided with the proper key-word to say to describe old Joe to differentiate him from the tough-talking Trump.

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The undoubtedly poll and focus-group tested word “empathy” was slipped into the speeches of multiple people, most notably Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. This was to underscore the directive from on high that, dammit, Joe just cares more – and you’d better talk about it because, look folks, no one’s buying the Trump killed the coronavirus victims narrative.

Joe cares about you as he raises energy prices under Bernie Sanders’s and AOC’s Green New Deal and sets America on a path toward a locked-down dystopia and mask wearing – until the election. That’s Joe. Always looking out for the little guy.

OK, Everyone, Here’s the Magic Word

The word “empathy” turned up 21 times, mostly during night 3 of the virtual Zoom convention. The chaos in America, apparently the chaos on the streets – perpetrated by Democrats and Socialists, but I repeat myself –  was attributed to Trump. It was mentioned ten times.  Joe Biden’s “empathy” was contrasted with Trump’s “chaos.

Obama Questioned Biden’s Fitness for Office: ‘Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F–k Things Up’ [REPORT]

Michelle Obama mentioned the Trump Administration’s “utter lack of empathy” and how the children will see “what happens when we stop requiring empathy of one another.” Please cue the Portland nightly riots tape.

President Obama, looking as uncomfortable as those times he forgot what religion he is, how many states there are in the USA, and when he heard about that leak of him saying, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up,” spoke of empathy.

His empathy, born a too much grief.

That empathy, that decency, the belief that everybody counts, that’s who Joe is.

Biden’s handlers have been keeping him under wraps during COVID. He does friendly interviews, such as the one with rapper Cardi B, but you won’t see him being grilled by voters as he was on the real live campaign trail. Joe’s promoted “empathy” doesn’t match his “empathy” on the in-person campaign trail.

Hey ‘Fat,’ You Want to do a Push Up Contest? An IQ Test?

On the trail in New Hampton, Iowa, Biden didn’t like the understandable question about Biden’s son Hunter’s no-show job in Ukraine that garnered the junior Biden more than $83,000 a month working for an energy company.

Biden, who likes to show off for the ladies by swimming nude in his pool, looked the man up and down, called him “fat,” challenged him to a push up contest and IQ test and called him a “damned liar.”

Joe Biden Literally Just Plagiarized Bernie and AOC’s Leftist Platforms as His Own

That’s just what an empathetic guy Joe is.

‘You’re Full of Sh*t!’

A United Auto Worker at a Biden grip and grab confronted the vice president about his vow to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun program. O’Rourke had promised to “confiscate” AR-15 rifles, the most prolifically used gun in the country.

Biden mentioned “AR-14’s” and said the young supporter was “full of shit” and challenged him to “go outside.”

‘You’re a Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

Biden body-shamed a young woman who questioned his electability when he finished so far back in the pack in the Iowa race. His immediate reaction to her question was to call her a line from an old time movie which was, “You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

It was met by nervous laughter. Nobody got the reference. It just came off as insulting. Biden finished fifth in New Hampshire and fourth in Iowa.

Go Vote for Someone Else

A voter who confronted Biden about his climate policies and an adviser’s accepting money from the fossil fuel industry, and also asked Joe to outlaw fracking. When the voter persisted in his question, Biden put his hands on the guy and told him to vote for someone else.

No wonder Joe’s being kept under wraps. If he’s let out, he’s liable to ostracize a lot more of his base.