The Morning Briefing: It Might Be Time to Let the Liberal Riot Hellholes Burn

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Let Seattle and Portland Riot Themselves Into Oblivion 

Happy Monday, brilliant readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

A little over a month ago I, led the Briefing by writing about the CHAZ/CHOP embarrassment in Seattle, only semi-seriously suggesting that it might be best for President Trump to leave them to their own devices if the little experiment in anarchy stuck around until Election Day. The one good thing about CHAZ/CHOP was that the brats didn’t riot as much while they were playing live-action SimCity.


As with just about everything that has happened since March, things have gotten even more out of hand since then. The Pacific Northwest has become riot central now, with both Seattle and Portland spiraling into chaos that seems more like a bad movie than real life.

Seattle is becoming more problematic by the hour. Bryan wrote a great post over the weekend about why that’s not likely to get better any time soon. It mostly comes down to the fact that there are no adults in charge there anymore. The mayor and city council are unhinged ideologues who are playing for the cameras while endangering the lives of their police department and citizens and letting the riots proceed as if they’re a party.

They have neutered the ability of law enforcement to the point where the police sent a letter to local businesses informing them that they would no longer be able to respond when large riot crowds were present. Thankfully, a federal judge got involved, but that’s only a temporary fix.

Down the road in Portland, a perma-riot scene is taking place as well. Last week we discussed the federal presence that President Trump sent to the city and I was all for it at the time. Now…maybe not so much.

 (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Other than some decent beer and food, I’m not sure why we need to keep Portland or Seattle around anyway. Let the riots continue and see just how badly the woke white liberals want to still pretend that they’re far-left progressives. Once the violence spills over into tonier neighborhoods — and it will — a lot of the “down with the struggle” Democrats might just decide that they’re done playing hippies from 1968 and get the hell out of Dodge.


A point I’ve been making over and over this year is that these liberal cities need to feel the pain of electing childish leftists. When your police chief is imploring your mayor to not proceed down a path of lawless madness and the mayor is ignoring her, it’s time for the idiots who voted for that mayor to wallow in some harsh reality and consequences for a while. Riot on and see how that works out for you.

I will admit that this is something I go back and forth on a lot. Yes, just last week I was praising the president for sending federal officers to Portland but, as Bryan noted in his post, riots get crazier on the weekends. Watching all of the riot lunacy play out in the PNW over the last few days wore on me a bit. I understand that the feds are there protecting federal property and as long as they are allowed to operate at full capacity it’s all well and good.

The nagging feeling that these putrid progressive cities should be left to riot and rot long enough for people to vote with their feet keeps growing on me.

 (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

While we’re at it, we should round up every journo hack who keeps calling the riots “peaceful protests” and send them to downtown Seattle or Portland. Let them see what all of that peacefulness looks like up close.

Mind. Blown.

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