The Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Is Still Your President Edition

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Hey Democrats…

Nancy Pelosi finally brought her Impeachment Kabuki Theater production to the stage on Wednesday. To the surprise of no one, the show was met with completely partisan reviews. Trump-supporting Republicans hated it, while Democrats, their media lapdogs, and their Bulwark #NeverTrump houseboys treated it as if it meant something super-duper important:


House Dems paid some lip service to the gravity of the situation but really couldn’t contain themselves at the culmination of their big “We’re Mad That Hillary Didn’t Win” foot-stomping tantrum:

The order to remain solemn proved to be challenging for some unruly Democrats, who had to be shushed by The Great and Terrible Pelosi after she announced that the House had voted to impeach the president. The Speaker of the House, clad in black for dramatic effect, had to shush her members not once, but twice, as some apparently refused to comply with her order to remain very, very, oh-so-solemn, leading to jeers in the chamber

The Democrats can assure us all they want that this was a most necessary road to head down, but serious people who aren’t in the throes of head trauma know that simply isn’t the case.

This very lengthy and good examination of the impeachment nonsense offers a perfect snippet about the ridiculousness of it all:

If we are to take the current “publicly voiced” cause at face value, then we may say that the entire Washington establishment, plus most of the country’s elites, are trying to remove the president from office on the basis of an anonymous individual’s private opinion of the content of one phone call he heard about second- or possibly even thirdhand.


I keep writing that history will not judge the Democrats kindly here. All of their window dressing doesn’t hide the purely partisan venom that’s led to this madness.

Many on the Left have remarked that this leaves a permanent stain on President Trump’s legacy. That stain can actually be washed out by re-election next year.

The Democrats won’t be getting rid of the blot on their credibility any time soon, however.

This Is Absolutely Delicious

A friendly reminder that politicians on both sides of the aisle are always working screwing the American taxpayer. Cruz is brilliant here.

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Bee Me


The Kruiser Kabana

Ah…the simpler times.

My liver may not make it to election time next year.



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