Study: Older People Who Drink Heavily Are Fighting Dementia

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If you are a an adult of working age and haven’t thought about retirement much, the results of a new study may have just given you a plan: hit the local pub for a drink or three.


A 30-year study by the University of California, San Diego has concluded that over-65s who indulge in up to three alcoholic drinks a day can look forward to a happy and healthy retirement.

In fact, they said, moderate to heavy drinkers are more likely to live to the age of 85 without dementia or other cognitive impairments than non-drinkers.

Life begins at 65!

More good news, this study isn’t alone:

The study, which tracked more than 1,000 middle class white men and women in California, builds on a swell of recent research linking alcohol intake to longevity.

Of course, the study’s researchers say that overdoing it could have the opposite effect and “cause alcohol-related dementia.”

And before anyone gets too excited, more caveats are offered:

The researchers warned that the study does not suggest drinking is responsible for increased longevity and cognitive health.

They make the point that people who drink moderate amounts of wine on a regular basis tend to have higher incomes and education levels. They also tend to smoke less and have better access to health care.


It appears that this may be yet another sensational headline that doesn’t deliver on its big tease.

Then again, the results are the results and maybe we should be optimistic about them.

After all, many say that optimism can be the key to a longer life.

Na zdrowie!


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