Nobel Idiot Paul Krugman Worries Trump May 'Assault' Hillary During Debate

(Photo by Louise Wateridge / Pacific Press)

Despite definitive proof that it is the Democrats who are interested in stirring up violence during this election, the dumbest man ever to win a Nobel Prize (for an academic pursuit) just can’t help belching up fear-mongering:


This is incredibly irresponsible and stupid, especially given that Krugman has such a big platform. Veteran Krugman watchers know that irresponsible and stupid is pretty much his default mode, however, and the Times doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Krugman may not have gone public with this sentiment had the O’Keefe video received the kind of coverage it should have. Sadly, things that shed negative light on the Democrats are systematically ignored by the coastal media bubble types. There’s a very real possibility that Krugman and the majority of his colleagues weren’t even aware of the video.

If ignorance is bliss, Paul Krugman may very well be the happiest man on the planet.


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