Project Veritas: Political Operatives Describe Clinton Camp and DNC Plot to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

A new Project Veritas investigation confirms our worst suspicions about the DNC/Clinton campaign collusion behind violent protests that have been "bird-dogging" Trump at so many of his rallies. “Bird-dogging” is a practice where trained left-wing activists infiltrate Republican rallies and try to provoke violence. WikiLeaks in July published DNC emails that showed DNC involvement with these anti-Donald Trump protests. The extent of the DNC and Clinton campaign's involvement and the dark money funding the anti-Trump violence has not been made plain until now.

A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf*cker."

In James O'Keefe's explosive undercover video, you hear a Democrat operative describe a text-messaging chain of communications about the protests between the Clinton campaign, Democracy Partners and other super PACs that they call "the Pony Express." These communications may be illegal or even criminal, legal experts say.

The video features one of the most nefarious creatures of the organized left -- convicted felon Bob Creamer, the Alinskyite agitator husband of Illinois Socialist Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky. Creamer has been a frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

He now heads up an organization called Democracy Partners,  a group with deep ties to the Clinton campaign as well as to Barack Obama's White House and the DNC. "Wherever Trump and Pence are, we are going to have events, and we have a whole team across the country that does that," Creamer said. "Both consultants, and people from the Democratic party and the Democratic party apparatus and people from the campaign -- the Clinton campaign" are involved with the effort, he added.

The narrative that they have endeavored to project -- which has been picked up and disseminated by the mainstream media -- is that the people at Trump rallies are violent crazies. The truth is -- and has always been -- that left-wing agitators protesting Trump are the violent crazies. And I mean that quite literally.

Scott Foval, another nefarious actor,  actually said on tape, "We have mentally ill people that we pay to do sh*t -- make no mistake."