Quick VA And NJ Post Mortem

As I told the Twitter hordes, I can congratulate Chris Christie for being reelected without conferring electoral sainthood upon him for 2016.

There are already throngs of people absolutely giddy about the fact that Christie did well with Hispanic voters and women. That’s very nice but the presumption that it would play out the same in a national election is…hopeful at best. Christie is obviously an anomaly in New Jersey and before we get too deep in the weeds about what motivated the electorate there remember this: New Jersey’s senators are a guy who likes underage foreign hookers and a dude with an imaginary friend.


We knew that Christie was going to win, however.

In Virginia, the state that has most financially benefited from having a massive government expansionist in the Oval Office, Terry McAuliffe was supposed to have an early-evening cakewalk. A big victory for him was also supposed to show that the Clinton Death Star was fully armed and operational.

The shutdown probably did play a bigger role in Virginia than it would have in any other state, but it didn’t cost Cuccinelli the election. He lost a couple of points as a result, but McAuliffe was already far ahead at the time.

That huge lead evaporated because of the Obamacare train wreck. They stopped talking about it at most McAuliffe rallies a week ago.

During next year’s midterms the shutdown will no longer be an issue.

Guess what will?


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