Are More Americans Waking Up to the Horrors of 'Gender-Affirming Care'?

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As the Left takes over all aspects of culture, you are not supposed to notice. When you notice, they first tell you that it isn’t happening. Then when you provide the proof, they ask you why you care and proceed to extoll the virtues of whatever horror they’re pushing. When you continue to point it out, it is encouraging violence. This trend is alive and well among trans activists as the horrors of gender-transition treatment for minors come to light.

Here is trans activist and adult human male Parker Malloy lying and saying no one is doing genital surgeries on children. According to Molloy, Senator Ted Cruz and anyone objecting to the castration and mutilation of adolescents are encouraging murder:

Hilariously, Malloy’s website says the author has written about the “right-wing media” creating an alternate perceived reality that allowed Donald Trump to be elected. Meanwhile, he allows himself to be named to a group of “30 women 30 and under who will change the presidential election” because he had breasts bolted on, grew out his hair, and dressed like a female. Talk about an alternate reality.

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Malloy’s assertions are also garbage. The account @LibsofTikTok brought the receipts about Dr. Katherine Gast from the University of Wisconsin (UW Health) and archived the material before it could be memory-holed. Gast is on recording explaining how various specialties, including pediatrics, interact to provide a surgical or medical transition. UW Health also follows the WPATH guidelines. The activist group removed minimum age requirements for “gender-affirming” care. UW Health also stated on multiple pages that Gast would work on minors with parental consent before they deleted everything.

In reality, the only thing this irreversible experimentation on children affirms is the delusions of mentally ill adults like Malloy. Matt Walsh’s team at Daily Wire recently uncovered the radical gender-transition program at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Tucker Carlson amplified his team’s findings:

Like the University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt removed all of the content about its pediatric gender transition services from the internet, according to Walsh. However, when the university responded to requests for comment, it did not dispute any of Walsh’s reporting. Like @Libsof TikTok, Walsh had the documentation, which confirmed:

  • Vanderbilt performs double mastectomies on minor girls.
  • Vanderbilt provides chemical castration using hormone-suppressing drugs for minors.
  • It also provides hormone treatments that encourage the development of opposite-sex characteristics in minors approaching puberty.
  • The administration of the gender clinic warned providers that if they objected to transition services, even on religious grounds, they should look for work elsewhere.

Walsh told Carlson, “One of the reasons it is allowed to keep happening is because people don’t know about it because they are not talking about it. I think for a lot of average Americans, people just walking down the street, it is sort of unthinkable. They can’t imagine that this sort of thing is actually happening.”

Walsh’s report on Vanderbilt appears to have started something. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has ordered an investigation into the Vanderbilt program. “The ‘pediatric transgender clinic’ at Vanderbilt University Medical Center raises serious moral, ethical and legal concerns,” Lee said in the statement. “We should not allow permanent, life-altering decisions that hurt children or policies that suppress religious liberties, all for the purpose of financial gain. We have to protect Tennessee children, and this warrants a thorough investigation.” Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said he would use his authority to launch one.

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It is a first step in the right direction. After public outrage and a courageous young adult and former staff spoke up about the treatment at the UK’s Tavistock gender clinic, the National Health Service is closing it. An independent review found a lack of understanding about why the type of patients Tavistock saw changed. There was a significant increase in female to male patients and more autistic children.

Some researchers have proposed the shift at Tavistock is a sign of a social contagion among adolescent girls in the West. The report also highlighted inconclusive evidence to back some of the clinical decision-making. We should learn from the experience of the UK and codify that children cannot consent to life-altering treatments like medical and surgical castration and the removal of healthy sex organs. Likewise, Sweden banned puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors. Why is the entire American radical Left, including the Biden administration, continuing to push access to these treatments?

It will continue until a strong and vocal movement stands up to oppose the radical trans agenda. It is up to those who have been staring this cultural abomination in the face for years to educate our friends and family. For his part, Walsh has written a best-selling children’s book and produced a documentary called “What Is a Woman.” Both are great ways to educate others about the realities of the radical trans movement. The circular responses he elicits from professionals in the gender transition business are horrifying. 

Carlson has also exposed the horror of how this business is conducted in his documentary “Transgressive.” Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and Carlson’s documentary team does not shy away from the physical realities of gender transition, so there are some graphic scenes. The documentary focuses on detransitioners, or people trying to return to the sex they were born after taking hormones or opting for surgery. Maybe it will give more of the thousands of young adults who regret making these treatment decisions the courage to speak up. Some of us are listening.

For now, the mentally ill adults who want your children to affirm their lifestyle choices have descended on Tennessee in response to the Vanderbilt controversy. Law enforcement shut down the planned event in Memphis. However, one in Chattanooga was full of men dressed as grotesque versions of femininity, spreading their legs and letting children pat their genital area. Let’s hope that many regular Americans are ready to stand up and stop this insanity for the sake of our children.



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