The New World Order Is Taking Its Mask Off While Telling You to Keep Yours On

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New World Order used to be the province of conspiracy theorists. However, the phrase is now descriptive of what we see daily in the news. There is tremendous pressure to reorder society in the West, using the pandemic as a pretext. In America, the result has been an assault on our God-given rights on an unprecedented scale. Political leaders proclaimed they were following the science to protect public health and stripped citizens of their ability to work, to associate, to worship, and even to petition our government.


Big Tech jumped in to help and made sure that no information that contraindicated their favored experts was easily accessible to the public. Using the pretext that the global and national health bureaucracies are the only experts Americans should listen to, they set out to ban or suppress information that contradicted the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. Permissible content changed from day to day because those two agencies often disagreed.

Then the entire country — and, to some extent, the West overall — was rocked by consistent and unmitigated street violence. What happened last summer, including a days-long siege on the White House, has been memory-holed by the corporate media. If not for brave, independent journalists who navigated to nightly mobs, those who did not live in affected areas might not have understood the extent of the violence and damage. Nineteen people were killed in the first 14 days of the riots following the death of George Floyd. Rioting and looting in the name of racial justice were exceptions to pandemic restrictions. Lockdown protests were not.

Now, it is nearly certain that the nation will see a repeat performance after the trial of the officer involved in Floyd’s death. The outcome will not matter. America is now a nation that tolerates riots in the wake of police-involved shootings and trial verdicts. Americans don’t even pay attention to near-nightly violence and arson in Portland’s once beautiful and vibrant city—a city that is now a microcosm of a failed state.


These two events — the pandemic and nationwide riots — began to usher in a New World Order. Americans tolerated our government behaving as if citizens were subjects to be ruled. Children took classes on Zoom at home and employees of public and private organizations began to see overtly racialized curriculum where the color of a person’s skin determined whether they were oppressed or oppressor. Group identity, rather than the individual, and color of skin, rather than character, determine what benefits and opportunities an individual may enjoy in society. The ideology of the New World Order, demanding equity rather than equality, has even infected the Oval Office.

Whether by design or by accident, politicians, the corporate media, billionaires, and the expert class figured out that if they crushed the economy and terrified citizens, they could convince them of almost anything. Now they tell us COVID-19 vaccines are a miracle, and everyone should get them, but you can’t go back to living your life mask-free and without restrictions even if you get one. Both of these things cannot be true, and the data says something completely different, but people still obey. Now we are being told to prepare for a “permanent pandemic.”

Now, they’re going to do it all over again. You can count on CNN to say the quiet part out loud, which is the only valuable thing it does.


The newly designated “climate emergency” is designed to bring about global equity. If you wonder why you feel like you are being conditioned for something, because what you hear doesn’t match reality, you are not alone. And CNN just let you in on the secret even if they did not mean to. Massive global redistribution is on the horizon, and it can only happen if you are broke, scared, and ashamed.

Whether it is The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum, Agenda 2030 from the United Nations, or the Green New Deal disguised as “infrastructure,” the ruling class needs to make sure you buy into its narratives. COVID-19 will be a terminal crisis, the planet is dying, and Western societies can never escape from their original sins of colonialism and slavery.

These three narratives are conditioning Americans to accept another massive spending package. President Joe Biden wants to spend trillions in an economy experiencing a V-shaped recovery with declining unemployment. Even the restaurant industry, one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, outperformed with a 17% uptick in retail sales. The industry is now only 5% below pre-pandemic levels despite ongoing capacity and operating restrictions. Another $2 trillion package makes zero sense in these economic conditions.

The pandemic and associated lockdowns pushed 150 million people out of the middle class and into poverty, the first decline in this socioeconomic class in over 30 years. In America, small businesses were hit hardest during the pandemic. Government spending to date has already caused prices for lumber, gas, and other commodities to rise significantly. Groceries are getting more expensive. Injecting more money into the economy will just encourage more and potentially excessive inflation. The middle class is the one that suffers when prices go up and wages stagnate.


Those who seek power and elite status have known for some time that the primary barrier to their plans is a robust and content middle class. Committed Marxists figured out that this is why proletariat revolutions did not occur spontaneously in the early 20th century. So, policy, messaging, and restrictions will be aimed at breaking this class. No policy proposed by the Biden administration benefits the middle class, and many of its policies will hurt it. Pandemic checks and inflated unemployment payments are conditioning people to rely on the government.

Managing the narratives is why Governor Ron DeSantis and health experts from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard can’t remain on YouTube. It is also why Chelsea Clinton is waging a campaign to get Tucker Carlson removed from Facebook, accusing him of vaccine misinformation when he is simply questioning the mixed messaging. Senator Ted Cruz must be shamed for unmasking post-vaccination, and respected, well-intentioned researchers who try to relieve the public’s anxiety, like Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, must be silenced.

This is also why the implied threat of riots and violence will continue along with the continued pressure to be ashamed of America’s history, heritage, and heroes. Meanwhile, a unified Democrat government in Washington, D.C., seeks to destroy every institution that provides for deliberation, moderation, or protection of constitutional rights. The Senate, the Electoral College, and the Supreme Court are all targets for destruction through their policies.


Hopefully, human nature will take over. After allegiance to family, allegiance to a nation is strongest. Most Americans would view national policy dictated by unelected and accountable global organizations, global corporations, and ideologues as a New World Order. That is what The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 are driving and the Biden administration is a willing partner. The most successful nation in the history of the world will morph into something that is not America if citizens do not object. And it won’t take long once the ideologues are in charge. Just ask the residents of Portland.


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