To Mask or Not to Mask? - Dr. Anthony Fauci Provides Insane Answers to the Question

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is still on television making claims about the COVID-19 virus that strain credibility for people who have basic knowledge about how the immune system functions. I would guess most doctors and researchers with a fundamental understanding of infectious disease throw things at the television after watching Fauci interviews like the two I just suffered through. Even Fox News host Neil Cavuto, typically difficult to read, looked incredulous as Fauci answered his questions.

In the interview, Cavuto asked Fauci about masking after someone has been fully vaccinated. Fauci responded:

“The answer is yes, and there’s a reason for that because at this particular time we’re not certain whether or not vaccination is going to protect you against getting infected but having no symptoms.”

Protecting you from getting infected is all any vaccination does. In my opinion, these are weasel words. The vaccine encourages your body to make antibodies for COVID-19 by exposing it to the virus’s spike protein. Antibodies following exposure to COVID-19 have been detected for at least eight months after recovery. If you have circulating antibodies, you will not become ill because you will never build a viral load large enough to activate an inflammatory response, like a sore throat. It is beyond absurd to think that transmission to someone else would be likely.

After droning on about requiring more research, at least a couple of months, Fauci admits this himself:

“There is still a risk, likely a small risk, but some risk, that you may not know you’re infected, inadvertently because you have been vaccinated but yet you might pass the infection to someone else.”

“A small risk,” as in, near zero. You are also never infected if you never become sick. In that case, you have been exposed. This exposure happens all day, every day, with a range of pathogens. Yet, adults rarely get ill.

Explaining some basics about the immune system may be helpful. You come in frequent contact with bacteria and viruses in your regular activities. When you are young and your immune system is developing, this means many runny noses and coughs. It is why some people refer to daycares and elementary schools as germ factories. They do not have a lot more germs than other environments. The little bodies that inhabit them are just in the process of giving their immune system the doses it needs to arm the complex system of immune cells that will allow them to effectively fight off illness long term.

When your immune system is mature, you will have a range of weapons to fight off a range of invaders. During the pandemic, you have heard a lot about antibodies. These are the specific proteins your body manufactures to fight off a particular pathogen. When you encounter a bacteria or virus for the first time, it will take time for your body to produce these antibodies. In the meantime, you may get a fever, sore throat, or other symptoms specific to the pathogen you have encountered.

Antibodies for most illnesses will float around for a while after you recover. Those antibodies will degrade, but your body has T-cells and B-cells that provide a “memory” of the bug you just conquered. The next time you encounter it, these cells provide a chemical alarm to your system to start cranking out the needed antibody. You may suffer some nonspecific symptoms or none at all.

Dr. Beda M. Stadler, a Swiss biologist, emeritus professor, and former director of the Institute of Immunology at the University of Bern, asserted months ago that this is happening in “asymptomatic” COVID-19. He also said the positive tests in people who never become sick were due to viral debris, not a live virus capable of making copies of itself or being transmitted. Dr. Anthony Fauci agreed with this during an interview in July where he said a sample with a cycle threshold (Ct) above 35 was not capable of replicating. Higher Ct counts are correlated with a lower likelihood of finding a replication-competent virus. Subsequent research determined a Ct of 30 was a better benchmark for detecting active illness.

Other research has found that some people have reactions from their T-cells and B-cells to COVID-19 based on exposure to other common coronaviruses. By September, at least six studies demonstrated this reaction.

Fauci closed the interview with Cavuto endorsing President Biden’s 100-day, “at least 100 days” he corrected, mask mandate on all federal property, including fines for violating the mandate. Then he twisted a bit when Cavuto asked him about wearing two masks and said sometimes he did so himself, but there wasn’t any data yet. If the government is spending the money to collect that data, we should revolt. The science on one mask isn’t even clear, according to a Danish random control trial. Trying to convince Americans that data supports wearing two masks is a mind game, You should ask why they are playing it.

Fauci then appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier. Baier asked him how long it would be before Americans could go to a game like the Super Bowl without masks and distancing. Fauci said not until at least the fall of 2021, and even then, he is not certain. Unless we get 70-85% of the population vaccinated, he said, it is just impossible. His standard for safety is insane:

“If we can get — and I have used this as an estimate, it’s not definitive — but  if we can get 70 to 85 percent of the population vaccinated, and get to what we would hope would be to a degree of herd immunity which really is an umbrella or a veil of protection [among] the community, where the level of virus is so low it’s not a threat at all, then at that point, you can start thinking in terms of not having to have uniform wearing of masks.”

Not a threat at all? Researchers are already predicting that COVID-19 will become endemic, and we will experience it like the common cold. Because children and young adults rarely fall severely ill with the virus, repeated exposures will build their innate immunity, making it less virulent over time. COVID-19 is here to stay.

Dr. Fauci is discouraging people from getting vaccinated. If you are young and healthy, what is the point? Further, to get to 85%, he is assuming the vaccination of children. Research on children to date shows near-zero risks of transmission to adults and serious complications. Why would this even be necessary? New cases nationwide are about 33% of what they were strictly a month ago. Why is the panic porn still on T.V.? Why aren’t all children back in school?

This constant moving of the goalposts is becoming a sick game, rooted in anything but science.

WATCH the interview with Neil Cavuto:


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