No, Democrats and the Media, We Are Not Taking Your Word for It This Election

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We are in the midst of a flaming dumpster fire of an election. Deep blue areas like Fulton County in Georgia, Philadelphia, and Detroit, along with states like Arizona and Nevada, are a national embarrassment. Scratch that, an international embarrassment. Somehow, Florida, one of the largest and most contested states, reported its results on election night. There are some governors, including my own, who should be asking for Florida’s blueprint.


President Trump has assembled a team to challenge some of the more blatant irregularities. This has Democrats and their media activists demanding he just takes the L if initial counts come through for Joe Biden. They insist on this despite the prima facie shadiness observed by the entire country. As Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of the Babylon Bee, put it:

This is especially true if you have lived through the last four years as a Republican or a Trump supporter. Our skepticism detectors may be in overdrive, but we have been subjected to an information warfare campaign since the summer of 2016.

Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies used Russian disinformation obtained through a former British spy to conduct a baseless investigation and ruin lives along the way. Carter Page was targeted through dishonest means that generated a FISA warrant on his communications. An FBI lawyer has now pled guilty to falsifying an e-mail to keep the fraud going. George Papadopoulos pled guilty to lying to the FBI, even though there was exculpatory evidence in his case.

Members of the Trump transition team, such as K.T. McFarland, Paul Manafort, and General Mike Flynn and his son, were pursued relentlessly by investigators and threatened. Manafort ended up in jail on charges that had previously been dropped. Flynn is essentially a political prisoner being subjected to one of the most partisan judicial proceedings ever witnessed. All the results of a bogus, expensive, years-long special counsel investigation.


Through the entire process, the public was constantly subjected to media reports based on anonymous sources “close to the investigation.” Former intelligence officials like James Clapper and John Brennan became media darlings by assuring us they had the goods on President Trump. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff went on television regularly and flat-out lied about the evidence he had seen.

None of the players in this horrific scheme have been held accountable. Yet members of President Trump’s team were bankrupted, prosecuted, and ruined. The two-tier justice system is as obvious as the plot to destroy the Trump presidency. This information operation culminated in a ridiculous, partisan, and ultimately unsuccessful impeachment proceeding.

Still, none of the politicians who lied to America have paid a political price, and none of the media personalities who breathlessly reported these lies and Russian disinformation have lost their jobs. Instead, the New York Times opinion editor was forced to resign because he dared to publish an op-ed from a sitting U.S. senator. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe got a contributor slot on CNN.

We also watched in horror as the Democrats led an unsubstantiated smear campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. At the same time, their friends in the media paraded Julie Swetnick and her greasy lawyer Michael Avenatti into our living rooms. Senators pressed to find out the meaning of the word “bouff” in a high school yearbook in the most extensive intrusion into a nominee’s life ever witnessed.


All summer, we were told by the same media that riots are peaceful protests. And rioting for racial injustice is more important than restrictions during a pandemic. But if you go to church or dare to be outside without a mask, you want to kill grandma. Meanwhile, our vaunted public health experts praised governors who actually did kill people’s grandmothers with horrible nursing home policies. The same experts tell you to cancel Thanksgiving.

Most recently, we have watched the corporate media bury stories about Joe Biden’s son and materials found on a laptop he dropped off for repair. The materials on the computer are damning, to say the least. They also ignored a press conference featuring a former Biden business partner, giving corroboration for the found materials.

The corporate media had previously reported Hunter Biden’s sleazy deals in the Ukraine and China. Now with the additional details coming out, they called the laptop surfacing a Russian disinformation campaign. They refused to vet the dementia patient their party had nominated out of desperation. Instead, they actively covered for Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline during his media appearances.

But now we are supposed to take the word of Democrats and the activist media regarding what has happened during this election. Yet they advocate to censor and deplatform mainstream conservative outlets reporting accurate news, as well as the president and his supporters during the process. Bethany Mandel perfectly expresses where once rational Republicans and conservatives now find themselves:

Democrats not Trump radicalized me
Twitter screenshot

So, many of us will be resistant to believing the election outcome without verification because we are aware of having been lied to for years. Also, we cannot reconcile what we are being told with what we see. The disinformation campaign leading up to the election indicating an insurmountable blue wave in a move to suppress Republican votes was the final straw. We demand transparency and will not stop until we get it.

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