Trust in Fauci on COVID-19 Is a Democrat-Media Creation Because He Is on Their Side

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According to an article in Forbes, Dr. Fauci enjoys a high degree of trust regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. These poll results are not surprising since the media has embraced him with a startling zeal. Fauci has been ubiquitous on cable news and even got a magazine cover. Recently, he threw out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals.


He reinforces their preferred narrative about the virus and has assisted them in moving the goalposts to suit their agenda. Often he is vague, leaves out encouraging information, and even ignores alternative points of view. Despite telling Senator Rand Paul he was not “the be all, end all,” his public demeanor implies a far more inflated self-image.

Dr. Fauci: We Can’t Stay Coronavirus Closed Without ‘Irreparable Harm’

With a new virus, the failure to hear competing theories has warped public perception, causing widespread panic. And Dr. Fauci himself has been inconsistent. White House advisor Peter Navarro was not wrong about many of Fauci’s missteps in his op-ed for USA Today. Even now, The Expert™ dithers on kids returning to school despite the fact that 20 other industrialized nations have done so without incident or needless restrictions.

If you recall, the initial purpose of restrictions was to slow the spread of COVID-19. Because of what was observed in Italy and China, there was concern about our healthcare infrastructure. It took some time for our response to ramp up and adequate supplies to be sourced. The tagline was “15 days to slow the spread.”

Now the narrative is that the problem won’t be solved until no one can catch COVID-19—ever. This panic-porn revival is a ridiculous position, yet Fauci went on TV to say we may need to look at local lockdowns again based on the number of cases. Cases are the wrong metric, and Fauci knows it.

Lies, Damn Lies and COVID-19 Statistics

Protect the vulnerable who are over 65 or have preexisting conditions. As long as the hospitals are not at capacity and the death rate stays low, there is no rational reason to continue to damage the economy and take on the other costs to physical and mental health.

Remember the panic over ventilators? It consumed hours in briefings from the Coronavirus Task Force and culminated in the use of the Defense Production Act to convert automakers like GM to producing ventilators. Do most Americans know that within nine days of the virus hitting New York hospitals doctors were questioning their use?

Yes, doctors who actually treat patients and evaluate their x-rays and lab work. The people who do physical examinations to assess the treatment and its effectiveness for an individual patient.

One of the first was Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell. He took to YouTube to tell as many people as he could that what he was seeing was not viral pneumonia and that the use of ventilators might not be correct.

CNN never interviewed him, of course. It was much more fun to bash the president for an inadequate supply of ventilators. It turned out Dr. Sidell was on to something. Hypoxia, or low blood oxygen, was the underlying problem in large numbers of patients. As the pandemic continued, doctors moved to the use of high-flow nasal cannulas, CPAP and BiPAP machines, and placing patients on their stomachs instead of their backs.

‘Airborne’ By Matt Margolis Is the Definitive Guide to the Media’s COVID-19 Malfeasance and Malpractice

Fauci is often referred to as “the top infectious disease expert in the country.” Is he? I am sure there are other comparable minds on infectious diseases in the United States and globally. In fact, several have come out with views that are different than Fauci’s, but they rarely get airtime outside of podcasts and maybe Fox News.

Fauci is, in fact, the top government bureaucrat working in infectious disease. He joined the government during the Reagan administration. Does his government service mean we should ignore Nobel laureate and Stanford University biophysicist Michael Levitt? After he and his team studied 3,546 locations worldwide with COVID-19 outbreaks, they determined the curve is self-flattening.

How about Dr. Scott Atlas? He has been studying the global data on children and transmission. According to Atlas, anyone insisting that schools stay closed is denying science. The impact on children without a severe preexisting condition is near zero in terms of fatality. And even the South Korean study can not definitively say that in the 2.9% of households where a child and adult were both infected, the child was the index case. Other research, using genetic studies, has found zero cases where a child infected an adult.

Then there is Dr. Harvey Risch. He is a Yale epidemiologist who has done a review of the studies of outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine with an antibiotic and zinc. He is advocating for the use of the combination early in diagnosis to prevent hospitalization based on his findings. There are similar findings in France and India. Yet 44 states are monitoring its use, and medical associations are disciplining doctors for using it to treat patients.

Hydroxychloroquine Is ‘the Key to Defeating COVID-19’, Says Yale Epidemiologist

Why isn’t Dr. Fauci telling the public that we may have an effective outpatient treatment? Shouldn’t he be calming fears by celebrating our improvements in therapy for hospitalized patients lowering the death rates? Maybe tell the FDA to let hydroxychloroquine to be used off-label for the foreseeable future? Dr. Risch believes this could save thousands of lives.

Of course, he should. Instead, he goes on television and wrings his hands over case numbers. It is maddening for anyone following the science of COVID-19. However, his failure to acknowledge any of this supports the Democrat/media goal of keeping you as miserable as possible for the next 99 days.


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