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The 'Racism' Libel Against the Trump Administration

There is a deep civilizational divide between the Judeo-Christian West and Islam. No Muslim-majority country has yet entered the modern world, with the partial exception of Turkey (which modernized by suppressing Islam).

Whether pre-modern, largely tribal societies can become functioning democracies is a matter of controversy. George W. Bush and his neo-conservative advisers thought the effort worth rivers of American blood and oceans of treasure. Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in part by repudiating this agenda (as did Sen. Cruz, the only other serious contender).

The debate over America's attitude towards the Islamic world has been bitter, even vitriolic. But no-one to my knowledge in the Republican camp ever alleged that racism motivated the opponents of the Bush Freedom Agenda -- not until the odious Max Boot denounced Trump's GOP as "the party of white nationalism" in a March 14 screed at the Foreign Policy website:

This is how the Bannons and [Rep. Steve] Kings view the modern world: The West is threatened by hordes of swarthy outsiders, especially Mexicans and Muslims, and they are lonely defenders of the white Christian race against this insidious threat. There is no evidence that Trump has given this matter as much thought as they have, but, based on his public pronouncements, he has reached similar conclusions. That helps to explain why the administration is building a border wall, expanding deportations, and trying to keep out citizens of as many Muslim countries as possible. This isn’t about fighting terrorism or crime; it’s about fighting changing demographics. And it’s premised on an unspoken assumption that only white Christians are true Americans; all others are “somebody else.”

That is the sort of race-baiting one expects to hear from the extreme left; it is a new and disgusting development to hear it from a supposed conservative (in this case a neo-conservative).

Conflating "Mexicans and Muslims" as "swarthy outsiders" is especially foul. Never did candidate Trump nor any of his advisers propose to stop the legal immigration of Mexicans, but only, rather, to enforce existing laws against illegal immigration. The issue of Muslim immigration has an entirely diffeerent national security dimension: 57% of Americans support a temporary ban on immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen; only 33% oppose it.

Does Boot believe that the American public is racist by a 2:1 margin? If so, he should say so in public and then leave such an irredeemably racist land.

Boot alleges that Steve Bannon thinks that only "white Christians" can be real Americans. We heard the same slander from the Left. Last November the liberal media overflowed like a blocked toilet with stories about Bannon's alleged anti-Semitism. It happens that a lot of observant, Zionist Jews know Steve Bannon and rose to his defense, including this writer and, most prominently, Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America. The septic tide of fake news subsided in this case, except for a lonely voice still gurgling at the bottom of the cesspool: that of Max Boot.