Five Things to Know About the Steve Bannon Smears

The Left doesn't like that Donald Trump won the election. How ironic: before the election, mainstream hacks lectured Donald Trump about what horrors would ensue should he not accept its results. As with so much that emanates from the Left, they were projecting: the attacks on Trump counselor Steve Bannon are all part of their plan to do exactly what they accused Trump of planning to do.

Here are five things you should know about the Left's campaign to smear Bannon:


1. Thoroughness Doesn't Matter

A recent article at National Review is headlined: "Steve Bannon Is Not a Nazi—But Let’s Be Honest about What He Represents." Rather than dwell on the manipulative headline, let's inventory that article's sins of omission.

In describing Bannon's supposed parade of horribles, the article slips in this zinger:

In May, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol was labeled a "Renegade Jew."

Wow. By who?! Bannon? A Bannon staffer?

One obviously wonders, but the article never says who had described Kristol this way. For if it had done so, it would have undermined the scent of anti-Semitism the post intended to conjure.

The author of the "Renegade Jew" line was the great David Horowitz -- who has spent much of his career defeating anti-Semitism in the public square -- writing at Breitbart. And the context of Horowitz's article? Whether or not Trump was going to be a good defender of the Jewish people.

As PJ Media's David Steinberg tweets:

This is not the stuff that anti-Semitism is made from.

When I said it was relevant to include that David Horowitz had authored the piece, Ian Tuttle -- National Review Fellow and author of the above-linked hit on Bannon, disagreed with me on Twitter:


Apparently, when attacking Bannon, thorough reporting doesn't matter.