J-Street's Unbelievable Agenda

J-Street and others on the left who are demanding Israel cede territory in order to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict are living in an alternate universe.


Yesterday, J-Street sent out a mass email to its supporters. Here is part of that email:

“Secretary Kerry has brought much-needed urgency and focus to the cause [of peace]. Though details of his strategy remain appropriately confidential, we have seen hints, notably coming out of this week’s meeting with senior members of the Arab League in Washington. It’s clear the Secretary is aiming to put efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a regional, comprehensive framework in part by building on the Arab Peace Initiative (API), which J Street has long believed offers real promise as a basis for negotiations…Unfortunately, Israeli and US leaders till now have failed to grasp this outstretched hand and the initiative languished. Now, Kerry is clearly working hard to revive it, bringing other Arab moderates into the equation to bolster and strengthen his efforts to narrow the gap between Israel and the Palestinians.”

The email goes on to encourage J-Street supporters to contact their representatives to put pressure on the Obama administration to push through a deal similar to the Arab Peace Initiative.

The Arab Peace Initiative calls for Israel to withdraw from all captured territory in the 1967 Six Day War. This includes giving the Golan Heights back to Syria. The same Syria that is embroiled in a civil war, where chemical weapons have probably been used and at least 70,000 citizens have been killed. We just learned that Israel attacked targets in Syria, in order to prevent Iranian missiles from being handed-off to Hezbollah.


In addition, Hamas–the rejectionist, genocidal terrorist organization–still controls Gaza, and fires rockets into Israeli towns. Plus, Iran is marching ever closer to a nuclear weapon, and supports the murderous Assad regime in Syria.

And in the midst of all of this, J Street wants Israel to revert to the indefensible pre-1967 borders, and give the Golan Heights–a significant military asset– back to Syria. This is truly a mind-boggling agenda for a supposed pro-Israel organization, and should serve to further discredit this already marginalized group.


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