Roger L. Simon

Iran: Reading Norman

If you’re not depressed enough today by the roiling financial markets, read Norman Podhoretz’s “Stopping Iran” in the WSJ. Actually, I read it last night before going to bed and, if it hadn’t been for exhaustion from my lingering flu, it probably would have kept me up.

Look, I don’t know if Norman is right or not – that we have no choice but to make a preemptive strike on Iran in order to prevent their religious-crazy regime from going nuclear – but if he is, the world is in a sorry plight. These are not happy times. Few people want to confront reality – and who can blame them? Watching the Democratic candidates blather on about getting out of Iraq you realize how dishonest we have all become. They know and we know that we must stay there as insurance against the very Iran Podhoretz is talking about, but they don’t have the guts to tell their constituents. So it goes.