Roger L. Simon

The Foggy Bottom of War

I have noticed several commenters on here ready to “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Olmert” regarding the Israeli PM’s supposed malfeasance in the conduct of the Israel-Hezbollah War. I am not ready to do that. For one, I do not know many of the facts,including the pressures Olmert may or may not have been under from the US. But more importantly, the fat lady has not sung on this one. Virtually overnight Israel tripled its force in Lebanon with some kind of secret operation (amphibious invasion?). Doesn’t sound like much of a ceasefire. And with 30,000 troops now in southern Lebanon it appears the Israelis are not about to leave the territory to Hezbollah in the next week. Nasrallah may be claiming victory, but he’d be claiming victory all by himself in a suicide bunker. So what does that mean?

Meanwhile, another podcast with Michael Totten will be coming up shortly. I caught Michael on the Skype phone en route from the North to Tel Aviv. It didn’t sound much like a ceasefire from where he was standing either – in fact, the reverse.

UPDATE: The IDF is apparently already on the Litani. Keeping checking Pajamas for updates. We’re on it.