Roger L. Simon

Bonanza for Bloggers?

I doubt in the final analysis (note: This is an “at the end of the day” free zone) even the three troglodytes on the Federal Election Commission who were pushing free speech restrictions on bloggers… the ones that have been bandied about the Internet yesterday and today… will go through with their bozo plans. But if they do… in the words of that great Cambodian John Kerry… I say “Bring it on!” I can’t imagine a greater publicity bonanza for the blogosphere. Everyone from the ACLU to Pat Buchanan will be on our side. Oops, maybe that’s the same thing these days, but you know what I mean. It would create one of those rare confluences of the sun and moon when the Daily Kos would lie down with Instapundit.

Just for the record, no matter what the FEC decrees, I will continue to link to campaign websites whenever I want. [I don’t think you ever did that.-ed. So what? I’m trying to make a point.] If they put me into jail for it, so be it. You meet a better class of people there than you do on the Federal Election Commission.